Duolingo Exam Pattern 2023: Exam Pattern, Format, Questions and More

Duolingo Exam Dates 2023
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The Duolingo English Test (DET) is an English proficiency test created by Duolingo, designed to be taken online from any location across the globe. This computer adaptive test evaluates listening, reading, writing, and speaking abilities and is timed, typically taking around one hour to finish.

Accepted by more than 4,000 universities and institutions worldwide, the DET serves as a budget-friendly alternative to other well-known English proficiency exams like the TOEFL and IELTS. It offers test-takers a cost-effective solution without compromising on the assessment’s quality and reliability.

The Duolingo English Test (DET) is an online education examination that spans one hour and aims to evaluate a person’s competence in various aspects of the English language, encompassing speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This test occurs in a single session and comprises two main sections: adaptive testing and video interviews.

Exam Name Description
DET Full Form
Duolingo English Test
Duolingo Website
Most Popular For
Studying Abroad, Work & Immigration
Also Accepted By

Mexico, Canada, United States, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia,

Peru, Uruguay, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark,

Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands,

Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,

China, Hong Kong, India, UK, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia,

Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan,

Thailand, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand

Conducted By
Mode of Exam
Computer (Online)
Duolingo Exam Fees
INR 4,852
  • Introduction and setup (5 minutes)
  • Adaptive test (45 minutes)
  • Writing Sample and Speaking Sample (10 minutes)
Score Range
2 Days

Duolingo Exam Pattern 2023

The Duolingo exam format consists of four essential language skills that evaluate an individual’s proficiency in English: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The exam utilizes computer-adaptive technology, which adjusts the question difficulty based on the candidate’s performance. As the candidate answers questions correctly, the difficulty level increases, while incorrect answers lead to a decrease in difficulty. The table below provides a breakdown of the Duolingo test pattern 2023:

Section Duration (In minutes) Brief Description
Introduction and Onboarding
  • Verify that the microphone, camera, and speakers on your device are functioning correctly.
  • Present valid identification (such as a driver's license, passport, or government ID) as proof.
  • Familiarize yourself with the test's guidelines and limitations.
Adaptive Test
  • Includes a section with both objective and descriptive questions, which are graded accordingly.
  • The difficulty level of the questions adapts based on the candidate's performance.
  • The assessment evaluates skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
Writing and Speaking Sample
  • An ungraded video interview is conducted to evaluate the English writing and speaking abilities of the candidate.
Duolingo exam pattern

Duolingo Pattern - By Sections

The Duolingo English Test pattern comprises two main sections. The first part is an adaptive exam lasting 45 minutes, designed to assess the candidate’s English proficiency through a series of questions. The second part is a 10-minute listen and type test that evaluates the candidate’s writing and speaking skills using open-ended prompts. The scores and answers obtained in this section are shared with institutions. Test-takers are briefed on the exam regulations and prerequisites within the initial five minutes of the introduction. The Duolingo Test format is graded on a scale of 10 to 160, and it comprises four components that aim to measure the candidate’s overall performance in the English language.

Adaptive Test- 45 minutes

The English skills assessment in this 45-minute segment evaluates your abilities in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The questions presented are adaptive, implying that their difficulty adjusts according to your performance. This adaptive approach guarantees that the test poses a challenge to individuals of all English proficiency levels.

Question Type Sub-Scores Time Limit (minutes/seconds)
Read & Complete
Literacy, Comprehension
3 min
Read & Select
Literacy, Comprehension
1 min
Listen & Select
Comprehension, Conversation
1.5 min
Listen & Type
Comprehension, Conversation
1 min
Read Aloud
Comprehension, Conversation
20 sec
Writing About the Photo
Production, Literacy
1 min
Speak About the Photo
Production, Conversation
0.5-1.5 min
Read & Write
Production, Literacy
5 min
Read & Speak
Conversation, Production
0.5-1.5 min
Listen & Speak
Conversation, Production
0.5-1.5 min

Writing and Speaking Sample- 10 minutes

This 10-minute segment evaluates your proficiency in written and spoken English. You will receive two prompts, one for written response and one for verbal response. You will be allotted three minutes for each prompt.

Ungraded Samples Time Limit (minutes/seconds)
Speaking Sample
1-3 minutes + 30 sec
Writing Sample
3-5 minutes + 30 sec

DET Pattern Score

Accessing Duolingo English Test scores is possible through the Duolingo test certificate available on the official website of the Duolingo English Test. Within 48 hours of completing the exam, candidates can conveniently view their Duolingo scores.

The Duolingo English Communication Test evaluates various aspects, including:

  1. Grammatical Accuracy: It assesses the correctness of your grammar.
  2. Grammatical Complexity: This aspect measures the variety and level of your grammar usage.
  3. Lexical Sophistication: It evaluates the level of vocabulary you employ.
  4. Lexical Diversity: This aspect gauges the variety of word choices you make.
  5. Task Relevance: It assesses how well you answer the given question.
  6. Fluency: This aspect measures your ability to express yourself within a limited time.
  7. Acoustic Features (Speaking Questions Only): For speaking questions, it considers your pronunciation and speech pace.

Duolingo Registration

To register for the DET, you will need to create a Duolingo registration account and pay the test fee. Once you have registered, you will be able to schedule your test date and time. You will need to have a quiet place to take the test and a computer with a webcam.

Duolingo Exam Eligibility Criteria

Applicants from diverse ethnic backgrounds and age groups have the eligibility to showcase their proficiency in the English language through the Duolingo English Test (DET) admission. Nevertheless, specific requirements must be fulfilled to qualify for the DET in 2023.

If an individual is below the age of 13, obtaining parental or guardian consent is mandatory to proceed with the test. This can be accomplished by completing an online consent form as part of the registration process.

Duolingo Exam Fees 2023

The cost of the Duolingo English Test can vary across different countries, including Duolingo India. In the case of India, the Duolingo fees for the test amount to approximately 4,852 INR. Furthermore, there are no additional charges for sending exam results to multiple universities, as Duolingo offers this service free of cost.

Duolingo Preparation Tips 2023

Here are some Duolingo preparation tips for preparing for the DET:

  • Practice listening to English by watching movies, TV shows, and listening to music in English.
  • Read English books, articles, and news stories.
  • Write in English as often as possible.
  • Practice speaking English with native speakers or with friends who are also learning English.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are three attempts allowed for the Duolingo English Test in any 30-day period. However, you can only take the test once every 21 days.

Duolingo English Test (DET) results are valid for two years from the date you take the test. After two years, your DET Certificate will be marked expired and you will no longer be able to share your DET Certificate with third parties.


The minimum Duolingo score required for UK universities varies depending on the university and the program you choose. However, most universities require a score of 105 or higher.

The regular processing time for Duolingo results is 2 days.

Yes, Duolingo is a valid English proficiency test in 2023. It is accepted by over 4,000 universities and institutions in over 100 countries.

The Duolingo English Test (DET) takes about one hour to complete. It is broken down into three segments:

  1. Introduction and setup (5 minutes): This segment includes an introduction to the test, instructions on how to take the test, and a short practice question.
  2. Adaptive test (45 minutes): This segment is a series of different questions that evaluate your English skills. The difficulty of the questions will increase or decrease depending on how well you answer them.
  3. Writing and speaking sample (10 minutes): This segment includes two open-ended prompts that you will need to write and speak about.

The Duolingo test costs 4852 INR.

Duolingo exam validity is unlimited, and also if you fail multiple times, you can retake it as many times as you deem necessary.

The lowest possible score on the Duolingo English Test is 10. The test is scored on a scale of 10 to 160, with 160 being the highest possible score.

Duolingo certificates are valid for 2 years.

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Duolingo Exam Dates 2023
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