PTE Score: PTE Score Calculation, PTE Score Validity, And PTE Scorecard



PTE score chart is one of the most taken exams to prove the English language proficiency for either studying abroad or immigration. PTE stands for the Pearson Test of English. It is a computer-based test to assess the day-to-day English language abilities of the test-takers. Here, we are talking about the test scores and PTE exam results 2022. 

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PTE Results 2022

Applicants can get their PTE results on the official PTE website after their PTE exam, giving them plenty of time to begin applying to the universities of their choosing. In order to satisfy its academic standards, each educational institution establishes its own PTE Score threshold. The PTE test score ranges from 10 to 90 points. 1 point is awarded for each accurate response, whereas there is no credit for false responses. As soon as applicants receive their PTE exam date, after completion of PTE exam, they will soon get PTE results, they can begin sending those results to as many organizations as they’d like.

PTE Score

Candidates can view their PTE Academic exam and General exam results online, and they will probably get an email once the PTE results are available. Once the PTE results are published, applicants can use their PTE registration account to send their score reports to colleges. 

PTE Scores
Level of Excellence
30 – 36Limited
36 – 43Modest
43 – 50Modest
50 – 58Competent
58 – 65Competent
65 – 79Good
79 – 86Very Good
86 – 90Expert

Here are the types of marking systems there for Scoring.

  1. Correct / Erroneous: For each correct response, predetermined marks will be awarded; incorrect responses will not receive any points.
  1. Partial Credit: In these questions, if the response is true to the fullest extent possible, the maximum marks will be given; however, if the response is only partially true, some of the marks will still be provided. There won’t be any points awarded if the response is incorrect.
  1. Subtraction: Some questions will have “negative marking,” which means points will be taken away for each incorrect response. However, not every query is of this nature.

PTE Academic Scores

PTE scores are usually taken into account by English-speaking universities as a proficiency criterion for prospective international students. PTE is also used by the Australian government as an immigration proficiency test. PTE cut-off scores of 79 in each section are necessary for 20 immigration points to Australia.

PTE General Scores

Pearson Companies in certain nations accept the Test of English General as proof of English language proficiency. The PTE General results, however, cannot be used for immigration or visa applications.

Each Section PTE Score Chart

1. PTE Speaking and Writing Section


Question TypeNumber of QuestionScoring TypeNegative Marking
Repeat Sentence10-12Partial Scoring
Read Aloud6-7Partial Scoring
Re-tell Lecture3-4Partial Scoring
Describe Image6-7Partial Scoring
Answer short questions.10-12Correct / Incorrect
Summarise written Text2-3Partial Scoring
Essay Writing1-2Partial Scoring

2. PTE Reading Section

Question TypeNumber of QuestionScoring TypeNegative Marking
Reading and writing: Fill in the blanks5-6Partial Credit
Re-order paragraphs2-3Partial Credit
Reading: Fill in the blanks4-5Partial Credit
A multiple-choice, single answer2-3Correct / Incorrect
Multiple-choice, multiple answers2-3Partial CreditYes

3. PTE Listening Section


Question TypeNumber of QuestionScoring TypeNegative Marking
Write from dictation3-4Partial CreditNo
Highlight incorrect words2-3Partial CreditYes
Select missing word2-3Correct / Incorrect
A multiple-choice, single answer2-3Correct / Incorrect
Highlight correct summary2-3Correct / Incorrect
Fill in the blanks2-3Partial Credit
Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers2-3Partial CreditYES
Summarize spoken text2-3Partial CreditNo

What are the steps to check your PTE Scores 2022?

Here are the steps to check your PTE Scores shown below.

You must first register for a Pearson account if you decide to take the PTE Academic Exam. You can arrange your exam, change the appointment as needed, and update your personal data.

You can only view your PTE results after getting a notification email. Then, using your username and password, you must log into PTE Academic.

Click on “My Account” after logging in via the official Pearson website. Clicking on the phrase “View Score Report” will give you access to your PTE score.

There, you can schedule the PTE Academic test, view your PTE Test Results, and manage your account.

How do I send my PTE results to colleges?

After logging into your account, you can share your PTE results with the institutions of your choice.

  • Then select “Send Scores.”
  • Enter your preferred institution in the Institution/Organisation/Department/School field and hit the search button.
  • Check the box next to the institution’s name.
  • After checking the box next to the institutions’ names, review the information and click “Next.” For the choice to be confirmed, you must click next once more.
  • To add each institution to which you want to send findings, follow the same procedure.

Which Country Accepts PTE Scores?

There are a number of countries globally where PTE scores are accepted for the purpose of migration and student visa. These countries have been provided below:

AustraliaNew ZealandChinaAustria
CanadaUSASouth KoreaSouth Africa
Hong KongTaiwanJapanFinland
SpainSri LankaThailandSaudi Arabia