Study in Singapore

Study in Singapore


The nation might be small but the scene gets really big when it comes to education opportunities in Singapore. Recognized as a “Global Schoolhouse,” this island nation is famous for its universities and student friendly climate. With its name featuring pretty regularly in global surveys on research and innovation, Singapore lays a great emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of teaching, and scientific research. It may be a small country, but scope for higher education in Singapore is significant.

For those interested in statistics, Singapore ranked 7th in INSEAD Global Innovation Index 2015 and 2nd in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report for 2015-2016. The 2016 Top Cities for Students rankings by QS which considers factors such as universities, cost of living, standard of living, job opportunities & student mix places Singapore in the 6th position.

No wonder that it has emerged as a popular destination for higher education among students across the world!


Singapore is a popular study abroad destination for Indian students as well. A 2012 report by the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education (OBHE) reveals that out of the 70,000 international students in Singapore, around 3000 are Indian. And this number of Indian students going to Singapore annually is increasing by 20% every year. (Also read: 10 reasons to choose Singapore for studies abroad)

Courses in Singapore

Study in Singapore from India, choosing from a wide spectrum of courses as mentioned here. Students have scope to pursue education in diverse fields of specialization such as:

  • Architecture and Building
  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Creative Arts, Communication, and Design
  • MBA, Business and Management
  • Arts, Social Science and Humanities
  • IT and Computing
  • Engineering & Sciences
  • Tourism, Hotel and Food Management
  • Law
  • Health, Veterinary Studies and Medicine
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Education System in Singapore

  • Singapore boasts of premium institutions and globally-renowned universities, recognized for state-of-the-art academics, distinguished faculty members, and cutting-edge infrastructure that provide scope for higher education. In context of innovation and competitiveness, Singapore’s education system is strengthening its position in the global market, gaining recognition from across the world.

    Renowned universities in Singapore, like Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National University Singapore (NUS)Singapore Management University (SMU), collaborate with leading varsities across the world to improve the quality of education and the overall experience. Furthermore, they have strong links with various industries, leading to a good placement record. More about top universities in Singapore. Also check out the list of MBA colleges in Singapore.

Living in Singapore

Singapore is a cosmopolitan city and a multi-cultural nation. It’s also one of the safest places to live in and one of the most student friendly countries. Students can experience a vibrant lifestyle, with modern facilities such as healthcare, leisure and entertainment, transportation, and civic amenities.

Another great thing about being a student in Singapore is you can travel to other Asian countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam) on a frugal budget. There are also regular flights from India to Singapore, which ensures a hassle-free experience for students.

Living Cost and Tuition Fees

Singapore’s fast-growing economy and modern lifestyle has contributed to a high cost of living. Cost of education is also among the highest in Asia. However, it is still an inexpensive option when compared to UK or Australia. Currently, annual tuition fees average around approximately US $11, 800.

The tuition fee for a full-time MBA program (as of year 2016) from NUS Business School (National University of Singapore) is SGD 62,000 (approximately Rs. 30 lakhs.)

Accommodation expenses in Singapore varies depending on whether you rent a room (SGD 500 – 1,000 per month i.e. Rs 25,000 – Rs. 50,000 p.m.) or an entire apartment (SGD 2,200 – 3,000 per month i.e. Rs. 1 – 1.5 lakh p.m.) These prices are for public facilities; private rooms and apartments cost almost double this amount. More about student accommodation in Singapore.

Transport costs within Singapore vary between SGD $100 – $150 (Rs.5,000 – 7,500) if you stick to just buses and train.The rail and bus network is quite extensive so you can balance your cost of living in Singapore by using these modes of traveling.

However, the good news for Indian students is that 52% of international students in Singapore are eligible for financial aid from top Singapore banks.

(SGD = Singapore Dollar)

Important Facts about Singapore

Singapore is an island country made up of 63 islands. The highly developed market based economy makes Singapore world’s 4th leading financial sector. A vibrant mix of culture and traditions along with modernism and urbanization, Singapore is a perfect tourist attraction as well as a study destination for the international students for higher education.

  • Capital – Singapore City    
  • Language – Chinese (Mandarin), Malay, Tamil, English
  • Official Currency – Singapore Dollar  (SGD)
  • Climate – Singapore is hot & humid all year round. Daily temperatures range from 23-31 degrees Celsius. The hottest period is from May to August.
  • Time Difference- 2.5 hours ahead of Indian Standard Time (IST)
  • Literacy – around 96%

STD-ISD Codes in Singapore

  • Johor– 67
  • Kedah– 4
  • Kelantan- 9
  • Pahang- 5
  • Sabah Sabah- 87, 88, 89
  • Selangor- 3
  • Sarawak- 82, 83, 84, 85, 86

Singapore Helpline Numbers

  • Police- 999
  • Fire & Ambulance- 995
  • Non-Emergency Ambulance- 1777
  • Police Hotline- 1800 353 0000
  • Traffic Police- 6547 0000

Flights Connecting India and Singapore

  •  Malaysia Airlines
  • Air India
  • Indian Airlines
  • Jet Airways
  • Sri Lankan Airlines
  • Thai Airways
  • Cathay Pacific Airlines

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