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The functions of mass communication can either be manifest or latent.Post the Second World War, there was widespread interest in trying to understand the impact of mass media messages on society

For the creative, expressive extroverts,  Mass Communication is a new and upcoming field that’s quickly gaining popularity with young job seekers all over the country.Though the field has been around for a long while, the sheer proliferation of media into our lives now, through mediums such as television, newspaper, radio, advertising, PR etc, is greatly improving its popularity. Nevertheless, even as the internet is changing the game, the basic skills you’d need to succeed is still based around one thing: your ability to sell. 

So, is a career in advertising and/or mass communication the right one for you? Here, we’re going to focus on clearing up all possible doubts you could have about a job in advertising, including the work you could be doing, the best places to go get a degree.  All-rounders with strong people skills, a strong command over spoken languages and oodles of determination should have no problems taking up advertising as a career.

Job Opportunities after Mass Communication:

If you’re wondering what sort of work in mass communication you could end up being exposed to, take a look at the following list to form an idea:

  • Advertising

    Advertising is a visual or audio form of marketing communication which aims at promoting or selling a product. Learn about making a career in advertising in India including the salary, job prospects and top advertising colleges in India.

  • Disc Jockey

    Disc Jockeys are artists that mix recorded tapes as it is playing. They also record their mixes for later sales and distribution.  Read on to learn about the available training courses, job opportunities and earning potential of a Disc jockey.

  • Film-Making

    Film making is nothing but the process of making a film involving production, recording and editing which are further more divided in various parts. Find out more about the skills required and the available courses for a successful career in film making.

  • Journalism

    Journalism is through which an individual makes information accessible to the public. These people work for independent enterprises or national press. Get detailed information about choosing Journalism as a career including courses from colleges, salary range, job opportunities and more.

  • Public Relations

    Public Relations means to pass information from an individual or an organisation to the public. Read on to learn about careers in public relations (PR).

  • Publishing and Printing

    Publishing is a dissemination of information, literature or music which is published or printed in magazines or newspapers to make it accessible to general public. Learn about careers in printing & publishing in India. Get information about available courses, colleges, salary and job opportunities.

  • Radio Jockeying

    Radio Jockey is a person who has on air position in radio broadcasting. Read on to learn about the available training courses, job opportunities and earning potential of a Radio jockey.

  • Video Jockeying

    Video Jockey is a person who introduces music ad new videos to commercial television. Read on to learn about the available training courses, job opportunities and earning potential of a Video jockey.

  • Video Editing

    Video Editing is the process of editing and manipulating video images and clips. Find out how to build a career in video & film editing  Read about available courses, colleges & jobs.

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