DataCamp Review: Is it Worth Buying DataCamp Courses in 2023?

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If you want to learn new skills and further your knowledge, Datacamp is a great place to do that. Giving you access to explore hundreds of online courses and educational videos.

India Education knows, DataCamp is a top-notch online platform for learning data science and analytics skills. With its extensive course library and hands-on approach, DataCamp provides a comprehensive learning experience for individuals at all levels. The platform offers courses in various programming languages, statistical analysis, machine learning, and more. DataCamp’s interactive coding exercises and real-world projects enable learners to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios. The platform’s adaptive learning feature tailors the course content to individual needs, ensuring an optimized learning path. Additionally, DataCamp’s community forums foster collaboration and allow learners to seek guidance from experts. Overall, DataCamp is a valuable resource for aspiring data scientists and analysts, offering a robust and engaging learning environment. 

India Education knows, Codecademy is an exceptional online platform for learning coding and programming skills. With its interactive and hands-on approach, Codecademy makes it easy for beginners to dive into the world of coding. The platform offers a wide range of courses and coding languages, allowing learners to choose their desired path. The interactive coding exercises and projects provide practical experience, making the learning process engaging and effective. Codecademy’s intuitive interface and clear instructions ensure a seamless learning experience. Moreover, the platform encourages active community participation through its forums and encourages learners to collaborate and seek help.

Renowned as the world’s leading online platform for data science and analytics, Datacamp was founded in 2013 and offers more than 380 courses. More than 260 expert instructors from the top institutions and Datacamp teach the courses to learners. Datacamp com is focused on helping tech enthusiasts, beginners, and tech professionals to build data skills from non-coding essentials like BI tools to machine learning and data science at their own comfortable learning pace. If you are looking for a trusted and result-oriented platform to deepen or build your data skills, then Datacamp online is for you. Read this DataCamp review to learn more about Datacamp and its courses.

380+ Online courses

Datacamp offers more than 380 online courses for data science and analytics from around the world in all disciplines. 

260+ Expert Instructors

More than 260 expert instructors from the top institutions teach the courses to learners.

Table of Contents

DataCamp Review

If you are wondering if Datacamp is worth it, you are on the right platform. The online learning platform scores 4 rating out of 5 as per my experience. The rating is much higher in comparison to many similar online platforms. It delivers hands-on learning experiences, which include providing practice challenges, real-world projects, interactive courses by experts, personalized recommendations, and data skill assessments. Learners can go through more than 350 courses in more than 10 different technologies, including Datacamp R, DataCamp, spreadsheets, Oracle SQL, Datacamp Python, Power BI, Excel, Scala, and Datacamp Tableau.

Datacamp online provides flexible training hours for every skill level and role. Along the way, users will learn practical skills with theory related to data cleansing, programming, data engineering, and probability and statistics. What’s more, Datacamp provides online education to more than 10 million learners in 180 plus countries through its more than 3000 academic organizations and 1600 organizations.


Engaging & Interactive courses
Experienced instructors

Assessment tests


✘ Short video content
✘ No certificate or degree
✘ Lack of  tests and quizzes

How do I know I can trust your DataCamp reviews? 

You should trust our online Datacamp review because of the following reasons:

  1. We have thoroughly looked into the additional resources and tools provided by the online learning platform and its mission statement and history.
  2. If you are also thinking about why you should trust our Datacamp review, then we can say that we have taken several steps to present a balanced, comprehensive, and fair review of the online learning platform.
  3. We have researched in-depth the website’s various offers and prices for businesses and individuals. Also, we have taken into account the Datacamp alternatives and other reviews.

I recently took a datacamp course on Python programming and was impressed with the quality of the content. The lectures were clear and concise, and the hands-on exercises helped me to solidify my understanding of the material. However, the course's discussion forums were under-moderated, and I found it difficult to get help when I needed it.

Taran Singh

The datacamp course I took on applied finance was well-structured and provided a good overview of the concepts. The instructors were experienced and knowledgeable, and the course's hands-on projects helped me to apply what I learned.


I am a software engineer and wanted to learn more about data science. I found the Data Science course on Datacamp to be exactly what I was looking for. The course was well-structured and provided a great foundation for my future studies.


Who is DataCamp for?

Datacamp is a superb resource for everyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge of subjects such as machine learning and data science. Its courses are designed for beginners to professionals to advanced. You can find the best Datacamp courses matching your skills and learning level after considering the Datacamp reviews. The prestigious online learning platform provides 12 career tracks, 51 skill tracks, 354 courses, unlimited skill assessment, and the opportunity to learn and improve your coding skills by working on more than 100 projects.

Whether you access its free plans or premium ones, the opportunity to learn more and more is everywhere. Its track programs and courses are focused on making you capable of gaining new career paths and skills.  Online Datacamp breaks its learning process into 4 methods which include assessing, learning, practicing, and then implementing the learnings.

DataCamp is great for:

Those who want to start their career in data science.

Entrepreneurs and tech managers who wish to upskill themselves.

Beginners in tech, willing to make their way into computer science and data easily.

Anyone who has an interest in data science and machine learning.

Data Scientists, looking for more ways to try out assignments and practice sessions.

Learners who wish to have a combination of taught lessons and practical exercises.

Datacamp for business

DataCamp for Business

The flexible online training program is applicable for organizations and every role regardless of whether you are from a non-coding field or an experienced one in machine learning and data science. Users can view the time spent on learning and the engagement level of the team members. You can know how many members of the team were active in the last month or are active in the current month.

  • Learn to integrate the data into your existing reporting tools.
  • Get resources and guidance on everything.
  • Perfectly caters to your organizational needs.
  • Hands-on skills-building opportunities

Datacamp for Enterprise

DataCamp for Enterprise

Users who purchase Datacamp for Enterprise plan get all the benefits included in Datacamp for Team plan. Besides, the plan is custom priced and very suitable for larger organizations. Bear in mind that Datacamp com provides Enterprise subscriptions based on the usage also. Enterprise-exclusive features include: -

  • Support response on priority
  • LMS integrations and SSO (Single Sign-on)
  • Access to Datacamp online Skill Matrix
  • Custom tracks & advanced reporting integrations
  • Advanced analytics integrations


Datacamp for Teams

DataCamp for Teams

The program is designed to help your team learn about data and collaborate on data to make data-driven efficient decisions. It is applicable for more than 2 users and the subscription plan costs Rs. 2044.75 per month. Users can pay annually also. Datacamp Teams offer:-

  • Unlimited access to Datacamp online library
  • A dedicated dashboard
  • Evaluate team performance.
  • Also, it offers set assignments for the team, live chat support, and tools to manage and track your team’s learning pace.

Datacamp for Classroom

DataCamp for the Classroom

Datacamp com designed its courses for the classrooms to empower everyone with data science and analytics skills for the future. That’s why the online interactive platform provides educators free access to its courses. If you are an educator teaching data and data science concepts and wish to help your students become more skilled, the Datacamp free courses are for you. Here’s what you can do.

  • Create and track assignments.
  • Collaborate and analyze data with students.
  • Access Datacamp Signal assessments
  • Track your student's progress over time

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Is DataCamp Worth It?

Many people may be thinking of building their skills in data science and coding. They may check out its free subscription plans and wonder if is DataCamp worth it before investing money. The below-listed courses are extremely popular among students that prove the worthiness of the leading online education platform.

Machine Learning

Best Courses in Machine Learning

85 Courses to Understand & Grow Your Machine learning Skills

Data M

Best Courses in Data Manipulation

208 Courses to Learn to Analyze and Visualize Your Data


Introduction to SQL

41 Exercises to Effectively Communicate with the Database

edX review

Best Courses in Programming

147 Courses to Master the basics and level up your programming Skills

R prog

Introduction to R

62 Exercises to Master the Excellent Language


data python

Introduction to Importing Data in Python

54 Exercises & 15 Videos to Help You Learn How to Import Your Data from a Variety of Sources

You will Love Datacamp for the:-

  • Experienced and well-qualified instructors
  • Easy and smooth user interface
  • Flexible online training for every skill level and role
  • Engaging, interactive, and high-quality content
  • Comprehensive focus on data science, engineering, and analytics
  • Downloadable courses and video materials
  • Well-defined and straightforward curriculum for tech newbies

Is DataCamp Legit?

Yes, the online learning platform is legit. It is completely safe to use this online education platform. It is completely normal to have a moment of doubt when you enter your card details to buy its courses. More than 300 expert instructors from the top universities are associated with online Datacamp to teach learners. Being a learner, you can access 350 plus courses to boost your skills and get career growth. It partners with over 1600 companies and 3000 plus academic organizations which proves its legitimacy in the field. More than 7 million learners in more than 180 countries have access to its quality content and online courses that you can take up from home.

How to open a Datacamp Account?

Datacamp offers a very intuitive registration process that makes it easy for you to create your account on and use all its features.

Open the internet browser on your device.

  • Type or
  • Click Create Your Free Account
  • You can also sign up with your Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook account.
  • Or, type your email id to create a new account.
  • Then, set a strong password and click Get Started.

Once you sign up, you will be directed to the My Progress section. Here, you can check out various options on the left sidebar. Choose your desired courses from Skill Tracks, Projects, Career Tracks, and more. While browsing different curriculums, you will come across the Filter Courses feature. Here, you can sort by Most Relevant and Newest or pick from the Topics, and Technologies.

Datacamp Account

How Much Do DataCamp Courses Really Costs? reviews offers three subscription plans which are:-

The basic plan that comes for free

  • It is suitable for beginners and tech newbies who wish to learn the basics of data science. The plan provides limited access to those who like to know about what these are like.
  • You will get full access to 7 coding projects, 3 data literacy courses, skill assessments, and 3 practice exercises.
  • You will learn at your pace and learn machine learning, coding skills, and data science.

The Standard Subscription plan 

  • It is billed annually and costs Rs. 2044.75 per month.
  • It gives you unlimited access to 350 plus courses, 14 career tracks, and 50 plus career tracks.
  • Also, you will earn a certificate of completion after completing the course.

Premium Subscription plan

  • It is billed per month and costs Rs. 2719.52 per month.
  • You get full access to more than 80 projects.
  • Also, you will get full access to Datacamp’s popular Power BI, Tableau, and Oracle courses.
  • In addition, you will get priority teaching support and assistance when you need it.
DataCamp Courses cost

Datacamp Price Details

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Examples of the Most Popular DataCamp Courses

Data scientist with python

Data Scientist with Python

The career track DataCamp course will help you learn Python and gain the career-building skills to succeed as a data scientist. Learners can improve their skills from data manipulation to machine learning. In your journey to learn data science, you will know how the versatile coding language allows you to clean, import, visualize, and manipulate data. These integral skills are required for any aspiring data researcher and professional. The course will start with the Python essentials vital for data science and expands with interactive exercises to test learners’ abilities.

  • It includes 25 courses and 6 projects and requires 96 hours to complete the course.
  • Being the best seller course with a 4.5 out of 5 rating, it caters to the needs of data scientists in everyone.
  •  It offers hands-on learning with the most popular Python libraries like NumPy, pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, etc.

Machine Learning Fundamentals with Python

Machine Learning Fundamentals with Python

This is an ideal DataCamp course for you if you are new to the world of machine learning. Apart from covering the basics of machine learning basics, you will learn to apply it in various use cases and the major technologies involved. The learnings will help you understand how to transform, visualize, cluster, and additional insights from data using scripy and unsupervised learning.

  • Learners will learn to make powerful predictions using real-world datasheets and explore linear classifiers for machine learning in Python, including support vector machines and logistics regression
  • The skill track course will be finished by covering the fundamentals of deep learning models using Keras and neural networks.
  • The course will take 20 hours to be completed and has got 4.5 rating out of 5. And it is divided into 5 courses.

Data scientist with R

Data Scientist with R

The DataCamp certifications course comes under its career track category and helps you learn the users of the most versatile programming language in various fields such as data manipulation to machine learning. Along with mastering the basics of data analysis in R which includes data frames, vectors, and lists,  you will also have Intermediate R which includes learning about conditional loops, vector functions, and statements.

  • The career track DataCamp course includes 95 hours of learning and 24 hours.
  • Plus, hands-on with real-world projects and the most popular R packages which also include tidyverse packages like readr, dplyr, and ggplot2. The most important- No coding is required.
  • Its popularity and the worth of the course can be seen from its whooping rating, which is 4.5 out of 5.

Data Analyst with Python

Data Analyst with Python

The career track course offered by online Datacamp helps you learn career-building Python skills. Also, you will work with real-world datasets to grow your explanatory data analysis and data manipulation skills. The course will help learners learn hypotheses, the major statistical skills.

  • Users will get  9 courses with plenty of high-quality programming exercises and will require 36 hours to complete the course.
  • You will get hands-on experience with some of the most popular Python libraries and career-boosting advantages.
  • The course is the favorite of learners working at the topmost companies like PayPal, Uber, Deloitte, and Microsoft.

Python Programming

Python Programming

The skill track course offered by DataCamp online helps learners to gain the foundational skill needed to become a Python programmer. Datacamp Python review allows you to learn the basics of the programming language so you can start your programming journey and code like a real programmer.

  • It has been categorized into 6 courses, takes 24 hours to complete, and has got a 4.5 out of 5-star rating.
  • During the learning, you learn to leverage in-built Python functions and modules to optimize your code efficiently.
  • Hands-on experience writing functions following best practices such as using context decorators and managers and writing documentation.
  • By the end of the skill track course, you will be able to use your object-oriented programming, maintain your code, and skills to read, and reuse.

Power BI Fundamentals

Power BI Fundamentals


The course will help learners understand Power BI which is one of the world’s most popular business intelligence tools. You will learn to create your reports and visualizations from scratch. In addition, it can be used by anyone to quickly analyze, visualize, and clean their team’s data. It can help you make accurate data-driven decisions.

  • The course is categorized into 6 modules and takes 17 hours to complete. You don't need to have prior experience in it.
  • You will learn to build insightful reports and dashboards, organize and analyze data, and presentation-ready visualization.
  • Learners will know how to prepare data in Power Query with highly experienced instructors.

Additional DataCamp Paid And Free Courses

Datacamp comparison with competitors
Datacamp online

How DataCamp Stacks up to the Competition

Whenever you read the review Datacamp, coming across the Datacamp alternative is not a big deal.  Some other online learning platforms provide versions of the same services that Datacamp offers. But, Datacamp stands apart from its competitors like Coursera, Dataquest, and edx in many ways: –

  • Datacamp is solely focused on data science, engineering, and analytics courses for individuals to companies, and beginners to advanced-level learners.
  • Its courses are well-detailed, comprehensive, and presented in a digestible way, and 80% of Fortune 1000 companies use the online learning platform to upskill their teams.

Datacamp Vs Codecademy

Codecademy offers a great value if you’re on a budget or want skills courses with more comprehensive content. If we compare Datacamp vs Codecademy, Datacamp is more expensive, but offers more detailed, nitty-gritty skills courses as well as a wider variety of skill and career paths.

DataCamp Vs Coursera

Datacamp and Coursera both are prestigious online learning platforms that offer courses for IT, programming, software, and related fields. Coursera offers courses related to health, business, art, and humanities as well. When it comes to Datacamp, it is more affordable and transparent. If you want paid features, Datacamp can save you a good deal of money. It offers three plans for individuals and a professional and enterprise plan for teams. Datacamp free trial is also available for the users. Moreover, Datacamp offers its learning through career and skills tracks and courses in a more intuitive and organized way.

DataCamp Vs Dataquest

While looking at the two heavyweights of online learning, Datacamp, and Dataquest, you may find that both have similar price points and are self-paced. Dataquest focuses on preparing its users for a career change. When it comes to Datacamp com, it focuses both on a career change and upskilling its users. Datacamp offers specific guided Skill Tracks for users who want to upskill and want a pathway to follow. The online data science learning platform offers a community page that can be accessed by anyone to solve their issues. Beginners and visual learners loved its curriculum.

DataCamp Vs edx

The prestigious online interactive platform, edx offers more than 2650 online eLearning courses that are partnered with established companies and universities. Its more popular subjects include engineering, computer science, data analysis, humanities, and statistics. When talking about Datacamp online, is completely focused on data science, analytics, and engineering courses. The majority of the courses include interactive exercises, downloadable video content, and course material. Also, Datacamp courses are designed by instructors who have years of expertise and experience in the industry.

Will DataCamp Help Me with My Career?

Datacamp courses are ideal for people who are new to data science or have some knowledge and looking for a career change or to improve their skills. If you are looking to be guided in the right direction to gain knowledge or learn a new skill for a career path in data science, the Career or Skill Track feature can help you and is pretty appealing. You can rest assured that everything you are learning is of high quality and relevant as these Datacamp courses are put together by experts in their fields. Datacamp provides a Datacamp Statement of Accomplishment for free instead of a Datacamp certification. These certificates are highly recognized by industry experts.

Datacamp certificate

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Top Tips to find the perfect Datacamp Course for Yourself

If you are not sure about how which course you wish to purchase and how to look for that, then you can follow the tips given below:-

1. Datacamp Free Courses

A free account on Datacamp can help you access the first chapter of most Datacamp courses. It is a great way to try and test these learning programs and decide which can serve your needs.

2. Datacamp Career & Skill Tracks

Datacamp offers its courses through two learning programs called Career tracks and skill tracks. Skill tracks cover 3 to 7 courses and have been curated for intermediate to advanced learners. Career tracks cover 12 to 30 courses and focus on advanced topics.

3. Datacamp Certificates

After completing a Track, learners are provided with a Datacamp certificate which is called a Statement of Accomplishment. You can download the certificate and add it to your resume after achieving it.

4. Datacamp Assessments

The online learning platform offers taking an assessment for free that you can filter by Technology to choose your topic. It will take you between 5 to 10 minutes to complete the assessments and the result will help you know whether you are a Novice, intermediate, or advanced learner. 

5. Instructor Profile

Learners can read the bios of the Datacamp instructors and get to know about the experts behind your course. Many of the Datacamp instructors are from top universities like Washington State and Oregon State.

6. Datacamp Community Support

 Learners get great support from the Datacamp community which is full of new threads. Also, it offers a resource center, cheat sheets, tutorials, a podcast, and chats. It is a great way to learn more and stay connected with other learners.

Our Final Verdict: Is DataCamp Worth Investing In?

Since we have done research on the Datacamp courses, its teaching methods, and learners, we can conclude that Datacamp is worth investing in. It is the best place to search for beginner-friendly courses along with intermediate and advanced levels. Online learning has focused on breaking down the concepts methodically with practical exercises and an all-around focus to make you a better data scientist. 

Moreover, everything has been laid out neatly and coherently. It offers a range of resources including competitions, projects, workspaces, and more. Overall, learners learn both the specific technology and its practical approach in real-world situations.

Frequently Asked Question

How to add Datacamp certificate to LinkedIn?

Putting Datacamp certificates in the resume offers great value to candidates during job applications. Users can list Datacamp certificates on LinkedIn by providing a link or attaching them. You need to choose the LinkedIn icon and then select Share in a Post or Send as a private message.

Is Datacamp Python certification worth it?

Yes, Datacamp is the ideal online learning platform to learn and improve your Python skills. Datacamp Python helps learners understand its key concepts and improve their skills by providing hands-on exercises, real-world projects, and video content.

How do I contact Datacamp Inc?

If you have any problem and wish to contact Datacamp, you can reach out to its support team, email it, and go to its help page.  Users can also use its Slack community page and Live chat is also available for further support. Moreover, you can also reach out to its through its social media pages.

Does Datacamp offer a student discount?

Datacamp offers discounts to eligible students through its premium plans and Datacamp for Classroom plans. Students can scroll down the Datacamp’s homepage and choose Discounts, Promos, & Sales. Further, they can click on Learn More About Datacamp for Students to know about the Datacamp discounts.

Is Datacamp Inc legit?

Yes, Datacamp is legit and completely safe to use. It was founded in 2013 by Dieter De Mesmaeker, Martijn Theuwissen, and Jonathan Cornelissen as a start-up in Belgium. It has its offices in London and Belgium and headquarters are based in New York.

How to buy Datacamp courses for free?

Users can open their account on the or on the DataCamp website and access the first chapter of more than 350 courses for free. They can go for its premium plan to access more resources, courses, and plans.

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