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5 Tips to score well in IELTS

IELTS exam tips


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an assessment test of English language for those who are seeking international education, job or migration. The test is carried out to assess English language skills that are required to survive in English speaking countries.  There are two types of IELTS examination: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.

If you are an IELTS aspirant, these tips will help you to understand how to crack IELTs.

1. Understand the test format

Before you appear for any test, it is very important that you understand the format of the test completely. IELTS assess a candidate on 4 parameters: reading, writing, listening and speaking.  A candidate has to prove his proficiency in all the 4 fields in 2 hours 45 minutes. The time allotted for each test is:

Test SectionDuration
Listening30 minutes
Reading60 minutes
Writing60 minutes
Speaking11 to 14 minutes

The listening, reading and writing tests will be completed in one day.  The speaking test will be conducted a week before or after the other three tests.


2. Practice as much as possible

“Practice makes a man perfect”, this statement holds true for IELTS examination too. You need to prepare and practice regularly, if you want to crack IELTS in one go. In order to improve your listening skills, you need to be patient and understand each word as they are being spoken. Reading skills will improve with time. Read out loud to improvise your pronunciation. Write essays on topics that interest you. Don’t worry too much about the grammar part; just make sure, you can write fluently without stopping because every minute is precious. Speak with people, practise speaking English in front of the mirror. Fluency doesn’t come in a day, so keep on practising until you reach there.

3. Don’t write too much

While preparing for the writing test, keep this in mind that you shouldn’t write too much even if a thousand ideas circulate in your mind. Time management is the most crucial part of the IELTS test and you should always keep in mind that you need to finish on time. A 300 words essay is much better than writing a 400 words essay with repetitive lines and misconstrued sentences.

4. Fluency over vocabulary

While speaking, focus on the fluency because that is exactly what you’ll be judged on. If you think too much about the vocabulary, then you might end up stammering in between a conversation.  Don’t get nervous, rather try to continue conversation with fluency.

5. Avoid monotony

Monotony is boring. Try to include variation both in the way you read and write by bringing variations in words, sentence construction and moderating your tone.

Hope the above tips would help you in understanding how to crack IELTs.

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