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When one thinks about Australia, what are the first things that come to mind? 

While Koalas, Kangaroos and wide spaces of the outback bush come to mind, Australia is just as famed for their excellent education system. Students, attracted by the country’s laid-back and friendly nature, hospitable climate, and high standard of living, are opting to study abroad in Australia.


Professionals graduating after studying abroad in Australia are highly sought after, as it one of the hottest study destinations in the English-speaking world.  Education standards in Australia are quite high, as their education system is regulated carefully by the government.  With over 40 universities, and seven of them among the top worldwide universities, Australia is fast turning into a sought after study abroad destination.  Additionally, two Australian cities-Melbourne and Sydney feature on the QS top ten best student cities of 2019 list. Here’s our take on the top cities in the world to be a student!


Quick points to note before applying for study abroad in Australia


Capital: Canberra


Major Cities to Study in Australia


  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Adelaide


Time Zone: GMT – Australia (Melbourne & Sydney) (India is 4 Hours 30 Mins ahead of Indian Standard Time IST )
Currency: Australian Dollar (A$, AUD)
Language Spoken: English




Study in Australia for Indian Students

Indian students prefer Anglophone destinations while planning to study abroad, which makes Australia a highly popular choice.  Moreover, while the US has been an education hotspot for Indian students, with changes in visa and immigration policies, several students are turning to other, more viable destinations. Thus, Australia is increasingly becoming a popular choice amongst Indian students.  Indians make up the highest pool of applicants to study abroad in Australia, closely following students from China.


Study in Australia for Indian students is gaining even more traction due to the surge in offerings such as top notch courses in management, business, MBA, hotel management, IT, and healthcare. It won’t be surprising to find that every fifth student you speak to is an Indian studying in Australia.  Further, due to the recent introduction of ‘Additional Temporary Graduate’ visa, the popularity of Australia as a study abroad destination among Indian students is bound to rise. The official Australia immigration portal even features a ‘Study Melbourne’ in Hindi, with the aim of attracting Indian students to study in Australia. You can find more about how Indian students can adjust in the country by learning more about Australian society and culture.


Here are 5 key reasons why you must opt to study abroad in Australia:


  1. Flexible Delivery Methods offered by Several Universities
  2. Lifestyle, Favorable Climate, and Attractive Geography
  3. Good Value for Money/Investment
  4. Multicultural Diversity
  5. Ample Work/Travel Opportunities


Here are some other fun reasons to study in Australia!

Australia Education System

Australia has developed excellent international education, with immense opportunities to form a global network. Australian institutes are focused on practical pedagogy, and believe in nurturing student needs’ through deep understanding of topics.


At par with global standards, the education system of Australia comprises of three broad areas-


  • Primary education: Starting from Kindergarten- up to 7-8 years
  • Secondary education: Starting from years 7-10; runs up to three-four years
  • Tertiary education: It comprises higher education, as well as vocational education and training (VET)


Australia is famed for offering best practice in the arena of VET. Individuals opting for the same are assessed for procurement of their competencies. There is a lot of focus on development of relevant skills- which may be related to the skill or specialization in mind. 


Further, Australian universities offer a plethora of foundation courses for international students. These courses are typically of one-year duration, and are considered to be a pre-university course. 


Australian Qualifications Network (AQF) 


The Australian education system is implemented by the Australian Qualifications Framework, or the AQF. It is a national policy that has been established since 1995. The framework is responsible for specifying the qualification standards for the tertiary education sector (that includes higher education as well as VET).  


The AQF has 10 levels-integrating school, university, and vocational education in one national system.   The AQF ensures room to make changes in your career path at any point.

Study Levels in Australia

With a three-tiered system, the AQF classifies the following study levels in Australia-

LevelsLevel of Education 
Level 1Certificate I
Level 2Certificate II
Level 3Certificate III
Level 4 Certificate IV
Level 5Diploma
Level 6Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree
Level 7Bachelor’s Degree
Level 8Bachelor Honours, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma
Level 9Master’s Degree
Level 10Doctoral Degree

Technical and Further Education (TAFE)


International students planning to study abroad in Australia may want to take up vocational courses. These courses are a gateway to niche university studies or stepping into the workforce. These courses help students hone their practical skills. The Technical and Further Education (TAFE) is a government funded institution which offers vocational programs in Australia. 


Australia offers a plethora of options to choose from for your higher education. Find out more about education in Australia for info on different offerings and intakes.

Cost of Studying in Australia

Australia is fairly expensive for international students planning to study abroad. However, blessed with some of the best universities in the world, excellent living conditions, and the promise of a great student life, the cost of studying in Australia will definitely be worth every penny spent.


On an average, the cost of MBA in Australia is in the range of AUD 55,000 per annum. Tuition fees for a Master’s in Australia are roughly AUD 35,000. These are tentative costs, and tuition fees in Australia vary from university to university. You can read more about study and accommodation costs in Australia to gain a better idea of the situation.


One may opt for scholarships in Australia to cover tuition expenses. Several bursaries, grants, and scholarships can aid you financially while pursuing your higher education in Australia. Here’s how you can write the perfect scholarship essay for studying in Australia!


Major scholarship programs in Australia for international students include:


  • Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP)
  • Destination Australia
  • Australia Awards
  • Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship


Some more info on scholarships in Australia can help you make the right choice!

Exams to Study Abroad in Australia

In order to study abroad in Australia, international students are required to clear some additional tests (primarily for English proficiency), such as the TOEFL or IELTS .  Further, due to specialised course requirements, a student may be required to clear exams like GMAT, MCAT, and GRE.


Here is a list of important exams for studying in Australia for your perusal.

Application Process to Study in Australia

For studying in Australia, or about anywhere in the world, international students are required to submit some key official documents such as:


  • Personal details
  • Certificate for English proficiency
  • Summary of work experience (if applicable)
  • Application fee receipt


Now that you know the essential requirements of studying abroad in Australia, when do you start applying? Our advice would be to start well in advance-roughly 18 months before your course begins, especially if your assessment level is high.


Australia Student Visa (brief)


After ensuring you have a place at an Australian university, gear up to secure your Australian student visa! You are required to apply through the official immigration site, pay a fee, and fill in personal details.


Australia immigration site:


Application Fees:  AU$550 / US$420


Next, you need to ensure you have an Australia accepted health insurance cover.


Here’s in-depth info on acquiring your Australia student visa.


Hope this helps.

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