Parent's Corner

Parents play a primary role in the personality development of their children from the very first day of their lives. Parenting is the most important job we will ever have,  yet, seldom do we receive any training for it. Somehow we believe that we are born knowing how to bring up children – dealing with them when they are uncooperative, balancing their needs with our own and ensuring that they grow up to be healthy, happy and well – adjusted. If we understand some basic techniques and apply them carefully and consistently, parenting can become much easier – those few wrinkles can be ironed out leading to a lifelong bonding relationship.

If you want a close and lasting relationship, be active and involved with your children from the very beginning. Make time for your son or daughter in spite of your busy schedules. Find an activity you and your children enjoy and savour the pleasure of each others company.

Build time with your child around bedtime and the evening meal. If your child is old enough, he or she can be involved in preparing the meal. Remove all distractions from the family meal — no TV, no newspapers. Make this an enjoyable time of conversation for your family. You can use that time to build trust and communication.

Handling Adolescents

Tackling Children

Parenting Tips

Teach your children how to help you. This makes them feel loved, included, and important, and lets you get work done while teaching your child valuable life skills.

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