Entrance Exams In India

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Explore top management entrance exams that serves as a gateway to some of the top-tier business schools and management institutes in India.

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Aspiring to become a engineer? Explore these top entrance exams in India that act as a crucial pathway to admission in prestigious engineering institutes.

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Discover the leading medical exams in India and stay updated with the latest news, articles, and web stories related to these prestigious examinations.

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Hospitality and Travel

In India, one of the most recognized hospitality entrance exams is the NCHM JEE. Get important information, latest news, and other updates about NCHM JEE here.

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Want to become a lawyer? Explore these top law entrance exams with extensive information about their syllabus, exam dates, preparation tips, and more

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Explore these entrance exams that are crucial to get admission into the field of architecture. These exams are specifically designed to assess candidates' skills.

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In India, there are several prominent design entrance exams conducted by renowned organizations, but, most important of them are NID DAT and CEED.

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Civil Services

Civil services entrance exams are among the most prestigious and competitive examinations in India.