Duolingo Certificate 2023: Complete Guide About Duolingo English Test Certificate

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For anyone planning to study abroad in an English speaking country, English proficiency tests are must. One such test that is becoming popular nowadays is the Duolingo English Test. It is one of the international English certification exams such as IELTSTOEFL etc. that can be used to take admission into foreign universities in countries like Canada, UK, USA and many other countries. Duolingo certificates are now accepted by many universities worldwide. 

To get the certificate of the international English Test Duolingo, you need to give the Duolingo English test. The Duolingo English Test (DET) has become a popular choice for students wishing to demonstrate their English language skills while applying to universities and colleges throughout the world. This guide will cover everything a candidate need to know about the Duolingo Test Certificate in 2023, including its benefits, validity, and how to use the certificate to get admission into colleges and universities abroad. It will also tell some preparation tips on how to prepare for the test online

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Exam Full Name
Duolingo English Test (DET)
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INR 4038
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Duolingo Certificate: What is Duolingo English Test?

The Duolingo English Test (DET) measures a candidate’s proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in the English language. The exam is made to be taken from the convenience of your home, making it an affordable and practical substitute for proficiency exams like the TOEFL and IELTS.  It does not have a specific age and educational eligibility criteria so anyone can give it. It can be used to take admission in foreign universities where a proof of English proficiency is required. To know about the complete registration process click here.

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Duolingo Certificate: Why Take the Duolingo English Test?

There are several reasons why the Duolingo English Test has become a popular choice for students:

  • Accepted by over 3,000 universities worldwide for undergraduate and postgraduate programs
  • Can be taken from the comfort of your own home
  • Short test duration and simpler test pattern compared to other English proficiency tests. It takes 60 minutes to give the test
  • Less fees compared to TOEFL and IELTS
  • Can submit your Duolingo Test  score to as many universities as you want without additional charges

Duolingo Certificate: Validity of Duolingo English Test Certificate

After your results are released, the Duolingo English Test Certificate is valid for two years just like other similar exams like PTE, TOEFL and IELTS. If students’ English language proficiency does not increase within a predetermined amount of time, they could be asked to retake the exam.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind about the Duolingo English Test validity:

  • You can take the DET as many times as you want, but the Duolingo certificate validity will be only for two years from the date of your first test.
  • If you retake the DET, your most recent score will be the one that is used for admissions or other purposes.
  • You can share your DET results with institutions or programs directly from the Duolingo website.

Duolingo Certificate: When is a Duolingo Certificate Provided After the Test?

Your certificate will be sent to you within 48 hours after passing the Duolingo English Test. This includes a section-by-section review of your performance as well as a thorough breakdown of your overall score and specific subscores. The test can be taken as many times as you like, but you are only allowed to do it twice in a 30-day period. You can add your Duolingo English Test certificate to your LinkedIn profile, making it easy for potential employers to see your English language proficiency.

Duolingo Certificate: What is Included in a Test-Taker's Duolingo Certificate?

The Duolingo English Test Certificate includes the following information:

  • Name: The test-taker’s full name
  • Date: The date on which the test was conducted
  • Overall score: Based on a scale of 160 in five-point increments
  • Subscores: Based on a scale of 160 in five-point increments
  • Conversation: The test-taker’s ability in speaking and listening
  • Literacy: The test-taker’s ability in reading and writing
  • Comprehension: The test-taker’s ability in listening and reading
  • Production: The test-taker’s ability in speaking and writing
  • Score range: The range within which the test-taker’s true ability lies, represented by the standard error of measurement

Duolingo Certificate: How to Send Your Duolingo Certificate to Universities Abroad

These are the steps to transmit your Duolingo certificate to international universities:

  • Use the email address associated with your test to access your account on the official Duolingo website.
  • Find your DET results on the screen.
  • Select “Send Results” from the menu.
  • From the drop-down box, select whether you are applying to a university, college, or another kind of educational institution.
  • Select the name of the institution of your choosing using the checkbox.

If applicable, enter your university’s application ID and press the “send” button. Up to 40 universities can receive your DET results at once. However, you can always add more universities later or use Duolingo assistance to send your results to more than 40 institutions.

Duolingo Certificate: Duolingo Exam fees

Duolingo English Test is affordable compared to TOEFL and IELTS. The cost of giving the test is INR 4038. The affordability of the exam has contributed to it’s popularity among English language learners and students aiming to study abraod.  To know more about the Duolingo exam fees and scholarship you can click here.

Duolingo Exam Format

The structure of the Duolingo Test is designed to evaluate language proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities. It follows a well-organized pattern that assesses these skills using a variety of question types. Here is a breakdown of the Duolingo Test structure:

Reading Section: The reading section gauges your comprehension of written text in the target language. You will encounter passages or sentences accompanied by questions that test your understanding of vocabulary, grammar, and context. Question formats may include multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, and matching exercises.

Writing Section: In the writing section, your ability to express yourself in written form is assessed. You will be presented with prompts or questions that require you to provide written responses in the target language. This section evaluates your grammar, vocabulary, coherence, and overall writing proficiency.

Listening Section: The listening section measures your comprehension of spoken language. You will listen to audio clips, conversations, or brief speeches in the target language and answer related questions. This section evaluates your proficiency in understanding vocabulary, grammar, context, and the overall meaning conveyed in the spoken content.

Speaking Section: The speaking section evaluates your oral communication skills in the target language. You will be given prompts or questions and record your spoken responses. The test may require you to engage in simulated conversations, describe images, or deliver short oral presentations. Your pronunciation, fluency, grammar, and vocabulary will be assessed.

It’s important to note that the Duolingo Test adapts to your performance as you progress through the sections. The difficulty level of subsequent questions is adjusted based on your answers, ensuring a personalized assessment experience. The test duration typically ranges from 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the language being tested.

Exam Preparation Tips

Following are some preparation suggestions for the Duolingo English Test:

  • Recognise the test pattern and format.
  • Using resources online or with native English speakers, practise listening to and speaking English.
  • Read a range of English literature to enhance your comprehension of what you read.
  • To develop your writing abilities, practise answering questions and producing essays.
  • Utilise practise exams to determine your skills and limitations, then adapt your study strategy as necessary.

Duolingo also has a language learning app which is very popular among language learners. You can practice your english on the duolingo app along with other languages as well. Besides this you can also visit the official Duolingo website. You can also do a Duolingo English speaking course. There are various Duolingo courses available online which can help you excel in the Duolingo certificate test. To know any additional information you can also contact the Duolingo phone support and customer care.

Duolingo Certificate: Duolingo vs other English Test

When evaluating the Duolingo English Test (DET), it’s crucial to assess its strengths and weaknesses in comparison to other well-established English proficiency tests such as TOEFL and IELTS:

  1. Rigor and comprehensiveness: The DET is often regarded as less rigorous and comprehensive than the TOEFL and IELTS. While the DET assesses reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, some individuals find that the depth and complexity of the questions in TOEFL and IELTS better reflect the demands of academic or professional settings.

  2. Institutional preferences: Although the DET is gaining recognition among universities and institutions worldwide, it’s important to note that some educational institutions may still prefer or require TOEFL or IELTS scores. Therefore, prospective applicants should check the specific language proficiency requirements of the universities they are applying to in order to ensure compliance.

  3. Cost and convenience: One of the key advantages of the DET is its affordability and convenience. Compared to the TOEFL and IELTS, the DET is often more cost-effective, making it an attractive option for many students. Additionally, the DET can be taken from the comfort of one’s home using a computer with a stable internet connection, eliminating the need to travel to a test center.


Yes Duolingo provide you certificate after successful completion of the exam in which your score and other details is mentioned.

You will get the Duolingo test certificate 48 hours after giving the exam

The Duolingo Test Certificate is valid for 2 years.

Duolingo is considered an easier test than IELTS.

If you fail in the Duolingo test you can give the test again. There is no limit to the number of attempts you can give.

The Duolingo test fee in India is INR 4038.

There is no limit to the number of attempts however you can give maximum of three tests in a 30 day period.

There is no specific age or educational eligibility criteria for giving the Duolingo test. However,  children below the age of 13 need to take consent from their parents.

Duolingo is a popular English proficiency test and is accepted by more than 4000 institutions worldwide.

Yes the Duolingo certificate containing the DET score can be sent to multiple institutions.

To get an English proficiency certificate you can give various English exams which test the English proficiency of a candidate like IELTS, Duolingo, TOEFL, PTE etc. After successfully passing the exam you will get an English certificate which can be used to take admission in universities abroad.

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Duolingo text written in green and green bird which represents logo of Duolingo
Duolingo Exam Dates 2023
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