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How IELTS Ninja is Helping Students to Achieve Their Band Score


Ninja IELTS and CLB-9 Score

Did you see that most institutions that provide  IELTS training show testimonials of only a handful of students? Did it ever cross your mind that why you hardly get to see any of their scorecards? The answer is quite straightforward: You get what you see.

Meet Ninja IELTS . The institute which can help you to get the highest declared CLB 9 scores. Of course, you don’t have to go by our word and can see for yourself that they actually are amazing in the field of IELTS training.

Over 40,000 students trained with them and 80% of them started with Band 6/6.5. They have successfully emerged with a Band 8 score (CLB 9) after training with them

How do they do it?

So what makes them a really good IELTS training institute? It is not just one thing that took them where they are. Their relentless craving for excellence and the team of experts deserve the credits. Following are some highlights of their institution:

  • The key feature of their programs: personal training.

It is tried and tested that the best method of IELTS preparation is personalized training. In fact, it is indispensable when you are aiming at higher band scores. This is because every individual is different, their needs, level of English are different. A curriculum that is designed for mass, without any differentiation, is not an ideal one. 

IELTS Ninja provides purely training, which is suited to one’s individual needs. Where most training institutes offer personal training for a maximum of 5 hours, they stand out with a whopping 25 to even 100 hours of personal training. 

  • They provide useful and highly researched content.

Their study materials are their pride. They are the fruits of months-long, in-depth research and their students find them invaluable. There are over 20 hours of videos, original past papers and exercises to work on even the most negligible of the errors. 

There are also additional 70- 150 hours of educational content, which includes lecture videos, exercises, assignments, mock tests, and practice tests. So if you are signing up for a month of training, you receive:

  • 30 hours of classes
  • 70 hours of content plus practice

This combination is their success formula and it never fails. All their successful candidates (those who got 8777 and more) took advantage of these 30 hours of classes and 70 hours of practice and content before they went for the IELTS exam.

  • Their Pedagogy is one of its kind.

We at Ninja IELTS  are dedicated to offering you the best possible online tutoring experience. That is why their methods are innovative and carefully planned. They understand how valuable your time is and that is why they make sure that not a second of your time is wasted.

Their programs have three sections:


This is basically the classroom program where you learn strategies and various grammatical and syntactical concepts. These are video lectures where you “learn” new things.


They ensure that you do not waste your time with your personal trainer by learning things that can be learned in a classroom set up through instructional videos. 

The Interactional part is where you discuss your queries with your mentor, get feedback on your practices and basically apply the concepts you learnt from the instructional videos.

This is where you use your trainer’s expertise and knowledge to dive deeper into the topic and work on your errors and shortcomings.

Practice and Assignments

They believe that an integral part of your improvement lies in how well you practice. That is why they designed their practice sessions in a cyclic way so that you are always improving. For instance, if you enroll in a one month program, this cycle will run 30 times. So even if you join with a Band 6/6.5, eventually you will rise to the level of Band 7.5/8.

Why Choose IELTS Ninja?

They do have a provision where they allow you to take a free demonstration of their program. In this demo, they give you a clear experience of how their online, interactional, private classes work. Since most of us are used to being taught in a classroom in the traditional way, they thought it would be great to give everyone an idea of what the new age education looks like. After taking this 30mins session all their students realized that their classes are unlike anything they ever came across.


IELTS Ninja provides you with quality,   training for IELTS preparation. Their programs are designed with the utmost care and pride in using the cutting-edge education system to provide you the best and fruitful learning experience.



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