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Prepare for your SAT exam day | Preparation Tips for SAT test


SAT examination can be a little overwhelming. It is recommended that students must start working on their mock test or sample test or SAT practice test at least a month before undertaking SAT examination. With the SAT test date approaching, you must out ways how to prepare for the SAT exam. Quite often students who are entirely prepared with the SAT syllabus forget to remember to go through the SAT exam guidelines.

It is extremely healthy to learn about SAT before undertaking the test. Learning about the purpose, benefits of undertaking the test will help you understand the importance of SAT better. As you know, SAT exams are divided into 3 compulsory and 1 optional category:

  • SAT Reading
  • SAT Writing and Language
  • SAT Math
  • SAT Essay (optional)

To help you with your SAT exam we have come with up effective SAT tips that will help you stay focused and determined towards the test. We’ve categorized it according to the examination and they are mentioned as follows:

  • How to prepare for the SAT Exam for Reading

Don’t stress, make sure you have an active mind before undertaking the test.
Read the questions before reading the passage
Read the passage actively
Work on finding answers between the lines and sentences
Form an effective answer while reading the passage

  • SAT Prep for Writing and Language

Don’t skip reading passages, don’t rush through the test. Stay calm and focused.
Note the grammatical mistakes in the passage
Read the question properly before answering it

  • SAT Prep for Math or Last minute SAT Math Tips

Keep calm and don’t study right before the exam
Roughly go through mock test questions the night before the SAT test
Read the question with an active mind, read at least thrice before solving the equation or question
Follow a pattern where you can solve the easiest ones first and then approach solving the most difficult ones

  • SAT Prep for Essay (optional)

Read the newspaper of the day before the test and form an analytical answer referring to one of the articles
Don’t state your opinion for the answer; remember to write from the author’s point of view.

Frequently asked questions:

How to study for the SAT in one day?

It is not quite recommended to study for the SAT test in one day. However, learning and going through the exam pattern thoroughly will help you perform better as most of the techniques can be grasped by understanding the question pattern of the SAT test.

How to cram for the SAT test the night before?

It is recommended that you don’t spend an extensive amount of period working on SAT. Take breaks and again work on solving SAT practice tests. Don’t over study the night before the SAT exam.

What to do the day before the SAT Test?

Get an adequate amount of sleep. Don’t over study or stress before the exam day. Most importantly, be prepared with exam essentials for the SAT test.

Do’s and Don’ts for your SAT examination:

  • Carry your admission and identity card.
  • Carry some snack for the two breaks that provided during the exam
  • Make sure you reach early at the center. Most exam centers are likely to open at least 45 minutes before the test
  • Don’t carry any electronic devices, it is strictly prohibited
  • Don’t carry color pens, highlighter, compass, etc.
  • Carry enough pencils and erasers for the test
  • Carry a calculator for SAT Math test
  • Don’t carry any paper or pamphlets
  • Carry a watch that is inaudible

Good luck with the SAT exam! We hope you get into your desired university as you are indeed a dedicated student!

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