Career in Humanities

Choosing the right career can be a troublesome task for both, students as well as their parents. If you haven’t taken up the usual paths of engineering, medicine, or law, then a question you will be often asked is what next. Whether it is after class 12th, when you are still trying to decide which course to take up or after completing a degree in humanities, career options for students of humanities seem limited but nothing could be further from the truth. The scope of humanities in future is only poised to grow at an exponential rate.
Of course, a lot depends on what you have studied and what your interests are but in today’s age of start-ups and the creative freedom to pursue the most unexpected of vocations, several doors have opened up. In this article, we will discuss the courses for humanities students after 12th standard and the scope of the subject.

Scope of Humanities as a Career

Students who major in humanities (English, history, sociology, foreign languages, etc.) are known for their sharp analytical skills, but how does a nuanced understanding of nineteenth century literature translate into a paycheck once you’re out of college? The PayScale College Salary Report includes a number of career paths available to humanities majors that require right brain thinking and have high earning potential. Creativity and critical thinking skills are valuable assets to many employers, especially when supplemented with additional technical skills or training.

A surprising number of Senior Marketing Directors hold a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. With a median mid-career salary of more than $100,000, that’s a good argument to use against anybody who says English is a waste of time. Other popular, high-paying jobs popular with English majors are Executive Editor, Content Strategist, Editorial Director and Senior Technical Writer.

Just because you major in the humanities, it doesn’t mean that you should never set foot in the computer science department. In fact, picking up a few tech skills can really pay off. For example, a Copywriter who aspires to work online, would, unsurprisingly, benefit from basic proficiency in blogging, html, or content management.

Other popular and profitable positions for humanities majors that benefit from some familiarity with a computer include Content Marketing Manager, Web Producer and Content Strategist.