Linkedin Learning Cost: How Much Linkedin Learning Cost in 2023?

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If you want to learn new skills and further your knowledge, Linkedin Learning is a great place to do that. Giving you access to explore hundreds of online courses and educational videos.

India Education knows, LinkedIn Learning is a premier online platform that excels in providing professional development and career-focused courses. With its vast library of courses taught by industry experts, LinkedIn Learning offers a wide range of topics to enhance skills and knowledge across various fields. The platform’s user-friendly interface and seamless integration with LinkedIn profiles make it convenient for professionals to showcase their newly acquired skills. LinkedIn Learning’s high-quality video lectures, comprehensive course materials, and practical exercises ensure a robust learning experience. Additionally, the platform’s personalized recommendations and learning paths help individuals tailor their learning journey to their career goals. Overall, LinkedIn Learning is an invaluable resource for professionals seeking to upskill and advance their careers. 

An online platform that offers courses and tutorials on various topics, including business, technology, creative arts, and more is what LinkedIn Learning is about. The platform was created to help individuals and organizations to upskill and reskill. It has become increasingly popular as more people seek to improve their knowledge and career. It offers over 18,000 courses on a wide variety of topics that are largely aimed at professionals looking to upskill. And with affordable Linkedin pricing options that give you full access to all their courses, it’s no wonder so many turn to the problem as their go-to online course provider. Here we are going to take a close look at LinkedIn Learning's cost and what one can expect to get from their money.

18000+ Online courses

Linkedin learning offers many online learning courses in categories ranging from  Creative, Business, and Technology.

30 Days Free Trial

Linkedin allows you to try LinkedIn learning for 30 days for free.

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LinkedIn Learning Cost: An Overview!

LinkedIn Learning cost on individual courses varies but is generally around Rs. 2862.65-Rs. 3271.60 a course. With individual courses, one can make a one-off payment for only a single course. After purchase, you get access to this course for an unlimited period – provided you keep your LinkedIn profile.

For the price one pays, LinkedIn Learning is incredibly high in value and quality. Considering its courses are taught by business experts you are getting a great deal compared to in-person training or even a degree.

Also, LinkedIn Learning is designed to further your professional skill sets. So, these courses can do wonders for your career and earning potential.

Compare this to where you’d be after a college-based course or degree. It will be easy to see why so many people are investing in their careers with LinkedIn Learning. And as a bonus you can sample many of these courses for free. This gives you a chance to determine which class is best for your time and need.

The best way to get the most from LinkedIn Learning review is to take as many courses of your choice as you can. If you are opting for a subscription you can build a course history and get recommendations based on your class performance.

As a professional social media platform LinkedIn Learning also lets you view courses according to what’s most popular, trending, and highly rated. This means you are choosing classes from a trusted resource with millions of users supporting them.
When it comes to Linkedin Learning cost in India, it is available in four different plans i.e. premium business, premium career, Linkedin recruiter plan, and sales navigator core plan. Overall, I wanted to give 4 ratings out of 5 to Linkedin Learning Cost.



✔ 30 days free trial
✔ Offline Viewing
✔ Certification
✔Multiple Languages


✘ Cost
✘ Limited course options in certain industries
✘ No Accredited Certification

Top Linkedin Learning Courses?

Some of the most popular Linkedin Learning Courses:

  1. Business: This beginner’s course describes the six habits of business people and will help you learn how to approach the silence that helps generate new ideasand how the simple practices, like scribing and reading, can help you become a better version of yourself.
  2. Technology: This intermediate-level course, taught by Dennis Taylor, teaches the learners how to master advanced Excel functions such as XLOOKUP, MATCH, XMATCH, and INDEX. Learn to efficiently extract data and organize lists. 
  3. Creative: This beginner’s course is taught by electrical engineer Barron Stone, who shares his knowledge and tools to debug an existing circuit, or design your own. Barron provides instructions on how to construct basic circuits using resistors, capacitors, and inductors, delving into the functionality of each component and showcasing typical circuits that employ them. 

"The Leadership Foundations course on LinkedIn Learning is a must-watch for anyone in a leadership position. The course covers a wide range of topics from motivation to delegation and provided me with actionable insights that I could implement right away. I highly recommend this course."

Amandeep Singh

"As someone who is new to project management, the Foundations of Project Management course on LinkedIn Learning was the perfect starting point. The content was well-organized and the instructor explained everything in a clear and concise way. I now feel much more confident leading projects at work."

Archana Yadav

"The Python for Data Science course on LinkedIn Learning is hands down the best course I have taken on the topic. The instructor did a great job breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-understand lessons. I am now more proficient in Python and able to apply it to my work."


"I took the Excel for Business Analysts course on LinkedIn Learning and it completely transformed the way I approach data analysis. The instructor was engaging and provided practical examples that I could immediately apply in my job. I personally loved the course and highly recommend it to everyone.

Riya Khurana

Get Individual LinkedIn Learning Courses

If you think signing up for a subscription isn’t for you, then no need to worry as LinkedIn Learning has the option to ‘Buy this Course’. If you know which specific course you are wanting to study, then this could be the right option for you.

There are currently about 5000 learning courses available to purchase individually. LinkedIn Learning platform is looking to expand its branches and the main goal is to make the whole of the learning library available to purchase in the future.

After learners have purchased the Linkedin Learning course, they can retake and rewatch the learning purchased courses as many times as they would like. But, they must keep their LinkedIn profile to do so.

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Features of Linkedin Learning Courses for Free

Professionals looking to develop their skills and knowledge in their current field

Job seekers looking to gain new skills and knowledge in a particular field

Entrepreneurs looking to learn new business strategies and tactics

Managers and leaders seeking to improve their leadership and management skills

Recent graduates looking to gain practical skills and knowledge in their chosen field

Individuals seeking to make a career change and gain new skills and knowledge in a different field


What is LinkedIn Learning Subscription?

LinkedIn Learning subscription helps learners develop creative skills. It gives you access to a wide range of online courses that you can take up from home covering industry-related concepts for professional development. Furthermore, you will receive expert guidance to navigate your learning journey. 

The platform integrates exercise files, quizzes, and coding projects for a practical learning experience. People who wish to start a career can utilize LinkedIn Learning course recommendations to start their learning journey. 

LinkedIn Learning offers two main types of subscriptions: Annual and Monthly. The annual subscription helps learners to save up to 33 percent over the year and works out a little cheaper. 

Linkedin learning monthly subscription

LinkedIn Learning Monthly Subscription -

LinkedIn Learning offers a monthly subscription plan. Linkedin monthly subscription provides access to expert-designed online courses for building relevant skills essential to professional development.

The pricing for the LinkedIn Learning subscription is Rs. 3270.78. This billing cycle spans 30 days after which you have to renew your subscription to extend access to the platform’s premium features. LinkedIn Learning's monthly subscription unlocks a library of learning materials and a wide range of courses. You tap from the knowledge and experience of industry experts, getting guidance on your career journey.

Additionally, the online learning platform offers high-quality content for all skill levels, from freshers to experienced employees. For illustration, complete beginners can select from a wide range of introductory learning courses teaching basic concepts. Here’s an overview of what a LinkedIn Learning monthly subscription offers -

  • Interactive Learning - Gain an immersive learning experience with small videos covering industry-specific topics.
  • Expert-produced content - Learned from experienced professionals channeling their wealth into interactive courses.
  • Diverse training options - Take individual courses for short creative skill training or a learning path for thorough professional skill development.
  • Downloadable exercise files - you can gain hands-on learning experience with course exercises provided by instructors. They are also available in offline mode of viewing.
  • Certification courses - Get a certification of completion after finishing a course. You can also share their certificates on your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Learning monthly costs are Rs. 2208.33. This price is the premium subscription for an individual while an organization or business team can get a customizable plan for LinkedIn.

The cost varies depending on the study plan you want. Both learning packages allow you to explore a wide range of popular cases teaching industry-relevant skills. For example, it allows newbies to learn coding fundamentals of different programming languages like Python and JavaScript.

Moreover, students can get a one-month free trial period. This unlocks access to LinkedIn premium courses. Here are some popular courses you can access with a monthly subscription plan -

  • Project management foundations - It helps in building background knowledge of project management. Learn project planning, agile framework, and scheduling, for efficient project management.
  • Python essentials - Learn to code efficiently it also helps to learn how to write functional programs with Python. Explore the programming language’s basic data structures, functions, control flows, objects, classes, and more.
  • Digital marketing fundamentals - Understanding the techniques and tools for improving brand visibility and turning leads into paying customers. Delve into paid advertising, social media marketing, and SEO are also there.

Annual Subscription

LinkedIn Learning Annual Subscription -

LinkedIn Learning also offers an annual subscription plan. It helps to provide relevant learning resources across a wide range of topics, teaching students both technical and creative skills.

The annual subscription costs Rs. 32706.19 per year. The annual subscription works out a little cheaper than the monthly subscription. It saves around 33% over the year.

Furthermore, the online learning platform makes course recommendations to advance your skill level. For example, industry newcomers can access introductory lessons for building basic knowledge in a specific career path.

The Linkedin Learning premium plans on a yearly basis are available for individuals. When it comes to Linkedin Learning pricing for teams and organizations, they need custom pricing from the platform.

Here are some advantages of the LinkedIn Learning cost for annual subscription.

  • Online courses - Access learning courses curated in a learning path, helping you to map your career journey smoothly.
  • Interactive Learning Experience - Learn to gain hands-on training with small video tutorials, exercise files, quizzes, and more.
  • Online community - It helps to enlarge your professional network, connecting with experts and co-learners in your career field.
  • Unlimited Access - It also helps to explore the platforms’ learning resources and certificate programs designed to help you reach your professional goals.
  • Certificate of Completion - For building a solid LinkedIn profile with approved certificates.

An annual learning plan provides access to over 17, 000 individual courses on the platform. Here’s a highlight of the top six creative courses alongside their topic and content:

  • Digital Marketing Basics - Identify the right target market to boost your business and the marketing tools for connecting them. It includes video and email marketing, paid advertisement, and SEO.
  • Visual studio professional - Discover the steps for efficient software development, learning Intellicode, .NET, G branches, XAML, and #C editor.
  • B2B sales - Learn this course and become a B2B sales professional, understanding how to get prospects, negotiate, and successfully close deals with them.
  • Python essentials - Explore the core concept of the Python Programming Language, making it crucial to data science and web development. This includes control flow, data types, functions, objects, and classes.
  • Business analysis basics - With this one can become a skilled business owner or manager. Learn the principles of solution implementation, project planning, and risk analysis.
  • Data Science - This helps to examine the process and tools for transforming data into insightful information. It works hands-on with data cleaning, visualization design, exploratory analysis, and inference.

LinkedIn Premium Cost

LinkedIn Learning offers a broad range of pricing options to suit different needs and budget constraints. Here are the options – 

free trial

Free Trial

LinkedIn Learning provides a one-month free trial to new users. During this trial, one will have access to all of the platform’s courses and tutorials. It is a great way to get a feel for the platform and see if it is right for you before applying for a paid subscription.

annual subs

Annual Subscription

The annual subscription costs Rs. 2043.93 per month or Rs. 26490.15 per year. It is the best option for those who want to take long-term benefits from the learning platform. It helps to save money also. 

monthly subs

Monthly subscription

The monthly subscription costs Rs. 3270.78 and gives you access to all LinkedIn Learning courses and tutorials. It is an excellent option for people who want to take a few courses and do not want to spend on long-term commitments.

corporate subs

Corporate Subscriptions

LinkedIn Learning offers corporate subscriptions. These subscriptions can be used for businesses and organizations. The cost of linkedin premium subscriptions differs depending on the size of the organization and the number of users. It typically starts at Rs. 2043.93 per user per month by LinkedIn Learnings.

LinkedIn Learning Plus Subscription

There are some LinkedIn Learning courses that can be partially accessed for free and the platform offers course samples where possible. But mostly these courses cost between Rs. 2862.65 and Rs. 3271.60. 

There are two main ways to get LinkedIn Learnings – 

  • Courses – Research some of LinkedIn Learning’s course options.
  • One-month free trial – By taking the free trial it gives access to all of LinkedIn Learnings features free for one month.

Main attributes of LinkedIn Learnings

  1. Access to more than 16,000 courses and tutorials – LinkedIn Learning has a vast library of courses and tutorials that cover a wide range of topics from business and technology to creative arts and more, there is something for everyone on the platform.
  2. Expert Instructors –Expert instructors teach all the courses and tutorials on the prestigious online education platform. These are in their respective fields. These expert instructors bring real-world knowledge and experience to the platform. It makes it easier for users to learn and apply what they have learned. 
  3. Interactive Learning – LinkedIn Learning courses and tutorials are designed to be attractive and engaging. These are available in the form of videos, quizzes, and other interactive elements. Moreover, these are designed to help users retain information and apply what they have learned. 
  4.  Certificates of Completion –  Once you complete a course or tutorials on LinkedIn Learning you will receive a certificate of completion. These certificates can be added to your LinkedIn profile which can help demonstrate your skill and knowledge to potential employers. 
  5. Mobile Access – One can access LinkedIn Learning on both desktop and mobile devices which makes learning easy. It makes it very helpful for those with busy schedules who can’t always sit in front of the computer.

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How to cancel LinkedIn Learning Subscription?

With LinkedIn Learning, you can cancel anytime. LinkedIn Learning gives a one-week prior reminder to all if you want to cancel your subscription.

As a matter of fact, if someone chooses to cancel before their free trial expires, the cancellation will only come into effect on your trial’s expiration date.

Here’s how to cancel your subscription - 

  1. First, click the ‘Me’ icon in the top right corner of the LinkedIn Learning homepage. 
  2. Then, select ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu.
  3.  Choose ‘Manage’ then Manage subscription.
  4.  Finally, press ‘Cancel Subscription’ followed by continuing to cancel.

Note - You can’t be able to take the free trials for the next year if you choose to cancel it.

Linkedin learning subs

LinkedIn Learning Pricing Plan: Accepted payment methods and currencies

You can get a LinkedIn Learning Cost Plan by starting a month’s free trial on their website. You will only need to provide your name, email address, and a valid payment method. At this point, you can opt for any of the two subscription plans either annual or monthly. 

Accepted Linkedin payment methods are credit/debit and PayPal. The available cards are – 

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Discover
  • Dinners Club (USD only)
  • SEPA (EUR only)
  • iDEAL (Netherlands)
  • Sofort (Germany EUR only)

LinkedIn Learning accepts payments in various currencies. 21 currencies are supported which makes this e-learning platform appealing to users worldwide. 

As one can cancel the subscription at any point during/after the free trial, LinkedIn Learning asks for your details in order to provide a seamless transition from trial to subscription. But, if you are worried about being charged, LinkedIn even sends you a week’s reminder when your free trial is about to end. 

LinkedIn Learning Fee Refund Policy

At Present, LinkedIn Learning does not offer refunds. So, if you are not completely satisfied with your experience with the LinkedIn Learning prices, you should cancel your subscription. One exception to LinkedIn Learning is the 14-day full refund policy. This is only applicable once your subscription begins (for EU citizens only).

If you are paying on a course-by-course basis, a refund of 30 days is a guaranteed standard.

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The Best LinkedIn Learning Courses

For upskill and reskill your skills LinkedIn Learning is the best platform. It has a very wide range of courses and tutorials, expert instructors, and interactive learning elements, the platform provides users with a valuable and quality learning experience. It has a flexible pricing option, including a free trial, which means there’s something for everyone on the platform. So, whether you’re looking to improve your career prospects or want to learn something new, LinkedIn Learning is worth checking out for all.

All LinkedIn Learning free courses, premium and LinkedIn Learning paid courses are available online with text, video, course content, quizzes, and downloads to upskill you and test your knowledge. 

Some of the best LinkedIn Learning paid courses are:- 

  • Goal Setting: Objective and key results (OKRs) with Jessie Withers.
  • Excel Essential Training with Dennis Taylor.
  • Interpersonal Communication with Dorie Clark.
  • Cultivating a good mindset with Gemma Leigh Roberts.
  • Project Management Foundations with Bonnie Biafore.
  •  Foster curiosity and critical thinking – Joshua Miller.
  • Essentials of team collaboration with Dana Brownlee.
  • Unconscious Bias with Stacey Gordon.
  • Learning Python with Joe Marini
  • Communicating with confidence with Jeff Ansell.
  • Speaking confidently and effectively with Pete Mockaitis.
  • Learning the OWASP Top 10 with Carolin Wong.
  • Power BI Essential Training – Gini Von Courter.
  • Strategic Thinking with Dorie Clark.
  • SQL Essential Training with Bill Weinman
  • Developing your Emotional Intelligence – Gemma Leigh Roberts
  • Communication Foundations with Brenda Bailey – Tatiana Kolovou and Hughes 
  • Agile foundation with Doug Rose.
  • Digital Marketing Foundations with Brad Batesole.
  • Critical Thinking with Mike Figliuolo.

Our Final Verdict: Does Linkedin Learning Cost Worth It?

So to conclude, we definitely think LinkedIn Learning Cost is worth investing in. The platform offers a wide range of high-quality courses on various topics, taught by industry experts. The courses are well-structured and easy to follow, and the platform itself is user-friendly and intuitive. 

Additionally, LinkedIn Learning’s integration with LinkedIn allows users to easily showcase their newly acquired skills and knowledge on their professional profiles. Overall, LinkedIn Learning is a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their skills and advance their career.

Frequently Asked Question

Is LinkedIn Learning free?

Not really, LinkedIn Learning offers sample classes so you can try them and then decide to buy.

Is LinkedIn Learning Premium worth it?

Like all other Online courses, the flexible format of learning provides a manageable and quality learning experience. By operating a monthly subscription. LinkedIn Learning also offers a worthwhile investment to get that level of the learning experience. If you plan on continuously topping up your skills and reskilling yourself.

Which LinkedIn Premium cost in India is the cheapest?

Well, it depends on the type of package you pick.

  • Premium career Rs. 2451.76/month.
  • Premium business is Rs. 3923.30/month when billed annually.
  • Premium sales/navigator professional: Rs. 5313.09/month when billed annually.
  • Premium hiring/recruiter lite: Rs. 8174.43/month when billed annually.

Does the LinkedIn Learning certificate expire?

Expiration date - SSL Tutorial

It’s not enough for you simply to install an SSL certificate. Certificates must also be managed over time with these e-learning platforms.

How does Linkedin Learning’s pricing work?

LinkedIn Learning offers subscriptions that are given monthly or annual billing options for a set of prices. These subscriptions allow you to access the entirety to get the learning experience of LinkedIn Learning, as well as LinkedIn Premium.

Can you fail a LinkedIn Learning course?

Candidates who score below 70% are considered as failing. These scores are not displayed in their profile. If you fail a test, you can delete your score permanently and retake the test.  You have to wait for 3 months to retake the exam. 

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