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This section deals with mass communication education in India, its scope and career prospects, and a list of various institutes offering Journalism courses. The term Mass Communication, which was coined in 1920, is referred to the process of delivering and transferring messages and news to a large group of people using different forms of media like newspapers, radio, the internet, and television.

What is Mass Communication?

Mass communication is the whole process of analyzing and providing messages to a larger audience via written and verbal media. It is a vast field that provides messages using several media that including print, digital media, social media, radio, internet, and television. The students, who want to pursue mass communication must have a degree in an equivalent field including a certificate, diploma, bachelor’s, and master’s in mass communication.

Mass Communication Courses

Mass Communication courses in India are taught in various colleges and universities. It is also known by various names like communication studies, media studies, communication science, communication arts, and media science. While mass communication colleges in India offer a 3 –year Bachelor’s and 2-year Master’s degree, many institutes offer diploma and certificate programs in specialized fields like journalism, event management, advertising and marketing, and public relations. These diploma and certificate courses can vary from 3-6 months or even a year. Mass Communication has become such a popular stream of education in India today that distance education courses in mass communication have also picked up in a big way. IGNOU is one of the leading distance education universities to offers courses in mass communication.

Mass Communication Careers in India

The study of mass communication encompasses the academic study of various means of communication. Specialized courses in mass communication offer students an in-depth knowledge and functioning of various media like television, radio, and the internet. Successful completion of mass communication courses opens many opportunities for students in various fields of advertising, journalism, public relations, event management, broadcast journalism, the internet, and radio. Mass communication and journalism shouldn’t be confused as the same thing, mass communication is the exchange of information on a large scale to a large number of people while journalism is a part of mass communication that deals with news writing and reporting on newspaper, radio, or television. Below is a list of mass communication careers that may be open to those with a degree in the field:

  • News Media Director
  • Journalist
  • Web Content Specialist and Web Producer
  • Public Relations Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Specialist

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Top Mass Communication Colleges/Institutes in India

Mass Communication has become an essential stream of study. Many institutes offering specialized courses in Mass Communication have come up. Some of the top Mass Communication Institutes in India are:

  • IIMC Delhi
  • MICA Ahmedabad
  • Symbiosis Pune
  • Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai

IIMC, Delhi:
Indian Institute of Mass Communication was inaugurated by Indira Gandhi in 1965. IIMC offers the following courses that include:

  • Postgraduate diploma programs in radio and TV journalism
  • Postgraduate diploma programs in Urdu journalism
  • Postgraduate diploma programs in advertising and public relations
  • Postgraduate diploma programs in Hindi journalism, Odia journalism, and English Journalism.
  • Diploma course in development journalism.

Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai: 

Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai offers the following courses that include:

  • PG Diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communication
  •  PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
  •  PG Diploma in Public Relations and Corporate Communication
  •  PG Diploma in Film, Television, and Digital Video Production
  • Certificate in Announcing, Broadcasting, Compering, dubbing, and e-book narration
  • Certificate in Computer Graphics for Print Design
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Communication for Development
  • Advanced Integrated Communication Program

Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune:

Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication/ SIMC is deemed to be a university. Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication offers a Masters’s Programme and an MBA Programme.

  • M.A. in Mass Communication (Journalism)
  • MBA in Communication Management
  • M.A. in Mass Communication (Audio Visual)

MICA, Ahmedabad:
MICA, Ahmedabad offers the following courses that include:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Communications (PGDM-C)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
  • Fellow Programme in Management – Communications (FPM-C)
    Crafting Creative Communications (CCC)

Mass Communication Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate or postgraduate mass communication fulfill the following eligibility criteria that include:

  • The candidate must have completed a 10+2 class from a recognized university.

If the candidate wants to take admission in post-graduate mass communication, should fulfill the eligibility criteria:

  • The candidate must hold a Bachelor’s degree in any stream from a recognized university.
mass communication courses list

Course Fees Mass Communication

 Minimum FeesMaximum Fees
UG1.70 K6.18 K13.50 Lakhs2.95 Lakhs
PG6.80 K2.11 K9.90 Lakhs2.70 Lakhs
DOCTORAL1.50 Lakhs11.24 K7.44 Lakhs2.22 Lakhs
DIPLOMA1.00 K43.35 Lakhs72.00 K

Scope in Mass Communication

The students of this trade can look forward to working in public relations, television, films, publishing, journalism, editing, direction, etc. Following are the various job profiles offered to graduates in mass communication:

TV CorrespondentSound EngineerRadio Jockey/ RJFilm Director
Public Relations OfficerFashion Photographer CartoonistSound Mixer and Sound RecorderSpecial Correspondent
ScreenwriterArt DirectorProducerEvent manager
IllustratorVideo JockeyEditorPhotojournalist

Attractive and high-paying careers as a director, journalist, actor,  RJ, producer, editor, screenwriter, VJ are available to capable and qualified individuals. Starting salary for a mass communication professional depends on people’s experience and communication skills. 

Job Profiles and Top Recruiters

Mass Communication Job Profile

The job profiles of the people that graduate from mass communication are mentioned below: –

Job ProfileJob Description
PhotographerA photographer can work for an organization, have a freelance job or have his own business. Photographers click and modify professional-grade photographs.
JournalistThe job of a journalist is to write about current affairs in his or her chosen field in newspapers, magazines, for news channels or even online on blogs.
News Editor/ AnchorNews Anchors and News editors work for news channels and news networks. They work on filtering the content to be presented to the public and work as the face of that news channel/ network.
AdvertiserAdvertisers work with marketing teams of a company to attract public attention that is much needed towards the company.
Radio JockeyRadio jockeys work on radio stations. They play songs and work out new ways to improve the customer engagement of the radio station.

Top Recruiters

Mass Communication is a very sought-after course, and many reputed organizations look for mass communication graduates. The top recruiters that hire mass communication professionals are: –

1.      Time Network

2.      Zee Network

3.      The Hindu

4.      Door Darshan

5.      All India Radio

6.      India Today

7.      Outlook

8.      Republic Television Network 

Average Salary

There are plenty of job profiles in the field of Mass Communication. The average salaries of the professionals that work in this field are mentioned below: –

Job profileAverage salary (in Rs.)
PhotographerRs. 3 Lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
JournalistRs. 4 Lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
News Editor AnchorRs. 4 Lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
AdvertiserRs. 4.5 Lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
Radio JockeyRs. 3.6 Lakhs p.a. (Approx.)

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