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Sports Management - Courses, Colleges and Careers


Sports Management is a relatively new concept in India taught in very few institutes across the country. Sports and games are important for the holistic development of the individual. Today, sports of several kinds are played across nations and with the passage of time huge amounts of money, name, fame, glamour and media attention have become an integral part of any sport.

Today, professional sports management companies are mushrooming all across the country especially in leading cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad and the need for trained professionals in such companies has also grown manifold. Sports management is the study of planning, supervising and organizing various sporting activities like international and domestic tournaments for cricket, football, hockey, golf, and several other games.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the richest cricketing body in the world has taken the first step towards appointing a full time CEO in the organization.


The All India Football Federation (AIFF) is also making it compulsory for all the National Football League Playing clubs to appoint a full time paid CEO to look after the Management of these clubs.

Sports Management is a good subject if you are a lover of sports and want to mix business with it.

What does a Sports Management course teach?

• The students gain a comprehensive understanding of the multi-dimensional importance and the value of sport. The candidates would also acquire business skills relating to public relations, marketing and entrepreneurship, which would assist them in the administration of institutions engaged in various sporting activities.
• The students are exposed to the tools and techniques of sports administration including those of event management as well as acquaint them with contemporary trends and issues in sport. The sports science section would cover sports medicine, sports psychology, sports physiology, sports therapy and health promotion.
• Helps students develop administrative skills necessary for managing the media, sports celebrities and officials.

A course in sports management focuses on the following areas:

• Sports marketing
• Sponsorship, marketing and merchandise of sports
• Sports finance & business
• Sports management policy
• Communication with the press and media
• Sponsorship and broadcasting
• Sports event staging
• Knowledge about sports law on contracts and drug use
• Sports ethics and sports organization

Electives may include sports medicine, sports journalism, sports entrepreneurship, grassroots sports development, leagues management etc.

Career Scope & Job Prospects in Sports Management

By year 2025, at least 23 lakh people are expected to become a part of the Indian sports industry. For every 1,100 people on the field, India would need at least 55 coaches, 15 track & field experts, 25 sports medicine experts, 50 trainers, 22 sports nutrition experts, 11 sports psychologists, 106 strength trainers as well as competition managers, bio-mechanical engineers, sports photographers, sports journalists, sports management personnel, sports law experts and event managers, according to a FICCI 2014 report.

Graduates can avail job opportunities across a variety of fields:

  • 52 approved national sports federations in India: These governing bodies which aim to promote the respective sport as an industry in India need professional sports managers always.

  • Sports branding/ marketing: Indian cricketer MS Dhoni earned Rs.153 crores through advertisements/ endorsements as per a Forbes 2014 report. Marketing/ branding therefore has got immense scope in the field of sports. Sports marketing managers & sponsorship managers will be in demand soon.

  • Sports goods: Sports professionals who understand the details of sporting merchandise are in demand in India as international brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas are increasing their presence in the country.

  • Sporting event management: Event management companies are hiring sports managers by the dozen to accommodate the rising need to focus only on sports related events. The sports calendar in India is now chock-a-block with a variety of matches and events. It started with just the IPL – Indian Premier League (cricket) in 2008 and by now we have Hockey India League (started in 2013), Pro Kabaddi League (started in 2014), ISL – Indian Super League (for football, started in 2013), Indian Badminton League (started in 2013) and so on. There is going to be a great demand for sports directors, operation managers, communications & PR personnel, venue management professionals, implementation managers, sports administrators, media professionals & so on.

Top Colleges/Institutes for Sports Management


Alagappa University - Tamil Nadu


Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science - New Delhi


Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management - West Bengal


University of Technology and Management - Meghalaya


International Institute of Sports Management - Maharashtra


National Academy of Sports Management - Maharashtra


Centurion University of Technology and Management - Orissa


Q1. What is the sports management course all about?

The Sports Management field is very much famous in western countries. Nowadays, this course is gaining popularity in India as well. Sports Management companies are coming up in major cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Hyderabad. The course is all about supervising, planning, and organising sports activities both in domestic and international events. The course focuses on sports management policy, sports sponsorship, sports broadcasting, marketing and finance, sports ethics, and sports law.

Q2. What are the skills required to excel in sports management?

Some of the most important skills required to excel in sports management are: –

  • The most important skill required for the field is flexibility.
  • The candidate should possess organisational and communication skills to excel in the field.
  • The candidate should be creative and should have a passion for sports.
  • The candidate should be able to adapt to the situation and be aware of the happenings in the field.
  • The candidate should have expert knowledge about domestic and international sports.

Q3. Which are the top colleges and universities in India that offer a course in sports management?

Not many colleges in India offer this course. The leading institutes which offer this course include Alagappa University, National Academy of Sports Management, Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science, International Institute of Sports Management etc.

Q4. What is the future of the student after studying this course?

As per a research report, it is expected that more than 25 lakh professionals will be a part of the sports industry by 2025. Graduates can opt for jobs related to brand/sports product marketing, sporting event management and so on.

Q5. What is the average salary one can earn in sports management?

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