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Computer-aided Design (CAD) Courses


Computer-aided design (CAD) is a field of study that focuses on the use of computers to create, improve, analyse and document designs and models. As a skill of prime importance in many fields, CAD has applicability through a diverse range of operational domains. In India, there are government and private institutions that offer courses in computer-aided design. The duration of the professional course is subject to the curriculum of the particular institutions; however, usually the duration of the course is about six months or less. Since this is an application-based field of study, there is generally a project at the end of the theoretical/instructional period that needs to be completed. In order to be eligible for the course, you typically need to be an engineering student or graduate with a working knowledge of computers.



Topics in computer-aided design courses



The course structure and curriculum content of computer-aided design courses focuses on making students proficient in using computers to generate, optimize and record model designs. Therefore, the courses begin with teaching students the fundamentals of computers. This would include topics like the history of computers and their development, operating systems, presentation graphics, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), object linking and embedding and word processing. After covering the most relevant aspects of computers, CAD 2-D and 3-D is usually introduced. Particular aspects of AutoCAD like drawing tools, linetypes, isometric views, coordinate and measuring systems, paper and model space, creating scenes, lighting and application of materials and rendering may be taught.


After these subjects, the next part of the course might teach you to use Photoshop to generate graphics. This part of the course would introduce subjects such as imaging for object modelling, creative sourcing, optimization strategies, animation and interactivity. Following this, you could be exposed to digital editing and audio technology, which includes topics like digital editing, storytelling timing, recording, capturing and digital video creation. Finally, you would likely be introduced to 3D Studio Max and be able to operate and utilize it for the purposes of CAD. In this segment of the course, the following could be included: concepts, theories, using the software for creating 2-D shapes and converting them into 3-D objects, creating and editing faces and verticles, morphing and special effects.


Colleges offering courses in CAD


Below are some of the colleges that offer CAD or CAD-related courses:


  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  • Universal Computer Art, Thane


Programmes are subject to change, it is advisable to check directly with a school for current programme availability.





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