Brilliant Review: Is It Worth Buying Brilliant Courses in 2023

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  • 60+ courses
  • 3 subscription plans
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If you want to learn new skills and further your knowledge, Brilliant is a great place to do that. Giving you access to explore hundreds of online courses and educational videos.

India Education knows, Brilliant is an exceptional online learning platform that truly lives up to its name. With its innovative and interactive approach, Brilliant offers a unique learning experience for those seeking to enhance their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. The platform’s carefully designed courses and lessons cover a wide range of subjects, including mathematics, science, computer science, and more. The interactive nature of Brilliant’s courses, which include quizzes, puzzles, and thought-provoking exercises, keeps learners engaged and motivated. The platform’s emphasis on conceptual understanding and practical application ensures that learners grasp the material deeply. Additionally, Brilliant’s vibrant community allows for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Overall, Brilliant is an outstanding resource for those seeking to expand their intellectual horizons and cultivate a sharper mind. Overall, I wanted to give 4 ratings out of 5 to Brilliant app Review.

Sue Khim, a renowned innovator of online education, established in 2012. The community-driven online interactive learning platform runs on a freemium business model and helps people achieve their goals in STEM i.e. science, technology, engineering, and math. It imparts the best knowledge through its expert team of course creators. The online learning platform offers a free seven-day trial for people who want a sample. After that, it is a subscription platform, and its membership gives you access to seventy-plus courses. The Brilliant online learning platform gamifies the learning of abstract concepts and complex ideas.

3000+ Online courses

Brilliant offers more than 3000 online learning courses from 150+ educational institutes from around the world. 

110 Million+ Learners

Over 110 million people have enrolled in online courses by Brilliant. 

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Brilliant Reviews

The Brilliant is an online education course where curators include award-winning professionals, teachers, and researchers from Google, MIT, Microsoft, and Duke. To date, it has become the home of 10 million users across the globe and offers more than 60 advanced and foundational courses for learners aged 10 to 110 regardless of their expertise or skill levels. Since the online platform is popular among learners, Brilliant reviews will help you to know more and understand its details. offers high-quality free and premium courses in many subjects like math, science, solar energy, cryptocurrency, computer programming, and many others. Brilliant courses are designed to pique curiosity and encourage learners to keep learning. Users can download the Brilliant app on their iOS and Android devices to learn different online courses that you can take up from Home on the go.


  • Allow to start with simple questions and quizzes
  • Build foundational insights and skills
  • 7-day free trial for newbies
  • Mobile-ready app


  • Limited STEM related courses only
  • Doesn’t provide certificates

Why Should You Trust our Brilliant Reviews?

    • Brilliant reviews have been brought to users and learners after detailed research about Brilliant learning, its courses, topics covered, and teaching methodology.
    • The testimonials shared by the students and users of the online learning platform tell about its authenticity. Moreover, our Brilliant reviews are not based on the experiences and opinions of the learners and users of the website.                        
    • These reviews are not influenced by any external factors. We have strived to be unbiased and transparent in presenting our view on the Brilliant courses.

Good website for self study. Tried 2 math courses so far - experience was good. There are not very complicated, but enough, theory given with instant interactive tasks.
Information is given with animated pictures if needed, and always with easy to understand proofs.

Rajdeep Singh

Brilliant is an excellent website to learn on and more importantly for me, their contact support is great! If you don't enjoy it, they are happy to give a refund and are extremely understanding. Great people!

Tanu Yadav

Brilliant is the real deal for leveling up your problem-solving skills and knowledge. The platform is packed with a ton of BRILLIANT interactive courses. The quizzes and lessons are a blast to work through. If you're looking to step up your game, Brilliant is the place to be.

Usha Kumari

Brilliant is brilliant. Courses they offer are interesting and different difficulty levels, lessons are appropriately long, in average a lesson takes 10 to 20 minutes, so I don't lose focus. Reading parts are interposed with quizz-like questions so you're repeatedly examined from what you read and that helps to remember.
When I needed help, the customer support replied to my email almost instantly.

Mujib Sayyed

Who is Brilliant for? is committed to helping people learn STEM in an innovative and unique way. It is focused on teaching users how to solve problems and master topics through practice in many ways. Brilliant courses are designed by multiple developers and a wide range of users. It can be used by learners of any age and skill. In addition, Brilliant courses feature an option for educators and teachers as well.

If you are someone who enjoys challenging problems and problem-solving through quizzes, sample questions, and hands-on learning.  It is the most suitable learning platform for you. It can keep your mind active and sharp and add value to your professional growth also.  Many of us often remain frightened by Math and Science questions, but Brilliant’s guided topics can make these topics fun, interesting, and enjoyable.

Brilliant is a great platform for

All Students falling in the age category of  10 to 110 who want to sharpen their minds

Professionals who want to add new valuable skills and add to their resumes.

Students who have engineering and computer science and want to excel in their fields.

Those who want to learn about Science, Math, and technology using a new method.

Those who are always interested in learning something new and interesting.

Teachers and educators who are searching for interesting methods to teach their students.

Brilliant for students

Brilliant Online Education for Students has been proven an excellent platform for students.  It doesn’t include any lectures and provides interactive videos so that students can learn easily and quickly. The brilliant program is focused to make STEM related subjects interesting and enjoyable for learners of any age. 

  • Emphasize active learning and problem solving
  • Taught in innovative ways
  • Allows students to learn at their own pace.

Brilliant courses for education

Brilliant Courses for Educators offers educational plans for educators and teachers for free plans, giving them access to classroom tools, problem-solving, interactive lessons, and many more. If you are interested in accessing the free plans, you complete the sign-up form. After that, you can click the survey to figure out the Brilliant courses you need

  • Create up to 8 classrooms and invite your students to join it.
  • Share daily challenges and interactive courses to students
  • Track your student's progress

Brilliant for professional

Brilliant Classes for Professionals

Brilliant courses are very helpful for professionals who want to keep their knowledge base strong and fresh. They can explore topics from a variety of subjects and prepare for interviews. The online education platform does not offer any certification, and its courses are not accredited, though it caters to the interests of professionals in many ways.

  • Helps to prepare for quantitative interviews
  • Opens the door of new opportunities
  • Explore topics from machine learning to probability to computer science

Brilliant for lifelong learners

Brilliant Learning Courses for Lifelong Learners

Lifelong learners can find it interesting for a lifetime as learning using its theoretical classes interactively, and an active approach to education stands it apart in the market. Learners can choose from various topics such as problem-solving, the laws of thermodynamics, newtons’ laws, and many more. 

  • Hundreds of interesting topics
  • Guided and fun exercises
  • Improve critical thinking skills

Are Brilliant Courses Worth It?

Since you have gone through brilliant reviews, and with this, many of you must be confused about whether it is worth buying in it. Brilliant courses focus on active learning and allow learners to solve problems at their own pace. The online education platform offers daily assignments to students and keeps them motivated. Such types of activities help build confidence among learners. Besides, let me show you some of its topmost courses that users have been enjoying

Brilliant course for data structure

Data structures

The fundamental toolkit for aspiring programmers

Brilliant computer science fundamental

Computer Science Fundamentals

Wrap up your mind around computational thinking

Brilliant review for quantum computing

Quantum Computing

Solve problems by computing

Skillshare review
brilliant review for machine learning

Machine learning

Advanced quantitative techniques to analyze data

brilliant review for neural networks

Introduction to Neural Networks

Why neural networks are So flexible tools for learning

Skillshare review

Artificial Neural Networks

A quick dive into a computational method for learning

You will love Brilliant online education because of

  • Great user experience & supportive community
  • 7-day free trial & interactive learning experience
  • Affordable education at reasonable prices.
  • High content quality and availability of different payment options
  • Beautiful visuals and learners get instant feedback.
  • Accessible on every platform & anyone can join it.
  • in-depth explanation & instructor-led courses

Is Brilliant Legit?

Brilliant is a legitimate and secure online learning platform that was founded by Sue Khim on effective learning principles. As a safe and secure platform, it allows learners of all ages and walks of life to learn and develop their skills in STEM i.e. science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It strives to cultivate and activate the mind of learners while evoking curiosity in a community-driven and applicable way. Users love the Brilliant app and the online platform. Moreover, many acclaimed news publications have published reports and features on the Brilliant courses. To date, the online learning platform has been featured in the Atlantic, The New York Times, NPR, and many more.

How to Open a Brilliant Program Account

To avail of the benefits of all the Brilliant courses whether you have taken its free or paid subscription plan, open your account on The Brilliant website is user-friendly and offers easy steps that you can follow easily. Once you have opened an account, sign into a brilliant app on your mobile, laptop, and other devices.  Users can follow these below-mentioned easy steps to create a free account: -

  • Visit and tap the option “Get Started.”
  • Answer the questions on your learning experience and tap “Continue.”
  • Enter your email id. Learners trying to sign up can join with a Google or Facebook account.
  • Confirm your email id and start accessing its features.

After having your account with, you can find the perfect course that suits your skill levels and learning pace. And, doing this is extremely easy for users as the online education platform offers several ways as the simple filter feature. It is one of the most advanced filtering systems that can direct you to your chosen topics or courses.

Brilliant review for registration

How Much Do Brilliant Courses Really Cost?

Brilliant Learning offers 3 subscription plans for its users that you can view on the cost in India page.

How much does Brilliant cost? Here’s the brief description of Brilliant org price: –

  • The Brilliant app offers a monthly subscription that learners can purchase by paying Rs. 2056.29 per month. Users can cancel the subscription at any time without paying any extra amount.
  • Its annual subscription comes for Rs. 13320.21 per year and requires the learners to pay for the whole year as a one-time payment.
  • Brilliant website also offers the group annual subscription that comes for Rs. 24683.70 per year and is applicable for a group having more than 3 people. 
  • Each individual user in the group gets separate access to the Brilliant premium account. Also, the brilliant pricing varies depending on the total number of people participating in the Brilliant paid subscription.

When you purchase the Brilliant paid subscription, it gives you access to the following: –

All courses on brilliant online learning: Users will only have access to the first chapter of each course only without Brilliant Premium. The Brilliant courses are accompanied by a vast number of puzzles, quizzes, and other interactive lessons.

Guided courses: These courses offered by the Brilliant app allow you to take part in courses in science and math led by industry experts and instructors having years of experience in their field.

Offline mode: With offline mode, you can learn Brilliant courses even on the go without any internet connection. 

Brilliant review

Brilliant Courses Cost Details

Examples of The Most Popular Brilliant Courses

Since you have gone through reviews, you must be thinking about which courses will suit you the best. To narrow down your choices and help you reach a final decision, we have mentioned the most popular Brilliant courses below. It is based on the course’s popularity among the students and their feedback.


Brilliant Math Courses

Brilliant Math Courses

The course is also known as Math foundation and consists of seven different topics. Learners can start with pre-algebra and keep going with further courses. In pre-algebra, users explore graphs of equations, counting problems, and exponents to strengthen their algebra skills. 

In addition, you will have the opportunity to use interactive graphing applications to transform and explore functions of all varieties such as logarithms, polynomials, absolute value, exponents, and more. 

You will be introduced to coordinate geometry, 3D geometry, perimeter and area calculations, and many more such topics to sharpen your solving strategies.

Competition & Enrichment Math

The Brilliant courses are ideal for math enthusiasts who always look for ways to explore a wide range of logic, probability, number theory, and geometry. Being a learner, you can find it the ideal place to improve your understanding of the fundamentals. 

Users can learn the essential concepts and tools in number theory, and then apply them to challenging logic puzzles, computational art, and cryptography. 

Explore many shades of infinity, countable numbers, and construct the critical thinking skills and continue your adventure through logic.

You will master the fundamentals for working in binary, hexadecimal, decimal, and other bases. 

Mind Courses in Mindvalley

Brilliant Math Courses

Statistics and Probability

The courses are for anyone who is interested in learning the concepts of statistics and probability and their applications in the real world. Data science professionals will also find the Brilliant course beneficial.

It includes learnings on statistics fundamentals and extends to applied probability, perplexing probability, casino probability, math for quantitative finance, and cryptocurrency.

Learn to use statistical tools to quantify predictions and conduct experiments and discern the truth through a thorough analysis of a set of data.

Road to Advanced Math & Calculus

These brilliant math courses make you aware of the fundamentals of group theory, differential equations, and linear algebra and explore calculus. It uses physical intuition and visuals to present the vital pillars of calculus such as infinite sums, integrals, limits, and derivatives setting you on the path of calculus fluency. 

When it comes to Brilliant Math review, the online education lessons help learners to gain practical calculus experience in derivatives and limits that any mathematician, engineer, or scientist need.

The course covers two essential pillars of integral calculus.

Simplilearn scrum master course

Brilliant Science Courses

Brilliant  Advanced Science

Foundational Science is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of the subject and improve scientific thinking. The Brilliant course will help you learn how to think scientifically through the everyday applications of Physics, chemical reactions, and advanced subjects.

Teaches you advanced subjects like computational biology, classic physics, special relativity, and more in a fun way.Users will also gain knowledge about quantum objects, solar energy, astrophysics, and quantum computing. 

The Chemical Reaction

Chemistry is the science of how matter transforms from starting materials into other substances. Driven by physics and the fundamental properties of the elements, chemistry frees us from depending on the materials we find in nature, and enables us to invent our own.

In this Brilliant course, you'll learn the fundamentals of chemistry from the perspective of reactions. Forgoing the usual approach based on quantum mechanics

Brilliant Computer Science Courses


Foundational Computer Science


The course serves the motives of learners who don’t have any knowledge about the basics and programming and algorithms. 

They can start learning its basics in the most interactive way from Brilliant online education. The foundational course helps you measure and compare the performance and the functioning of search engines.


Advanced Computer Science


Advanced computer science is well suited to users who have enough knowledge about the basics of programming and algorithms. Learners will learn to program with Python, which is one of the most widely used programming languages. 


Learn about its varied applications in everything from data visualization to games to machine learning.  

Get an opportunity to learn how to use Python to create coded messages, beautiful data plots, and intricate drawings. Subscribers will learn core programming concepts like control flow, simulation, and variables.

Additional Brilliant Paid and Free Courses

Brilliant Review
Udemy course 680 × 452 px 2

Will Brilliant Help Me With My Career?

After going through such a detailed and comprehensive review, you must be wondering whether the platform will help you get a good career. The answer is very clear. helps you to boost your critical thinking skills and sharpen your mind through its quizzes and hands-on interactive activities. These skills will definitely have a great and positive impact on your professional and personal life. 

Brilliant certificate

How Brilliant Stacks up to the Competition

After going through such detailed reviews, coming across other online education platforms such as Khan Academy, Skillshare, and Datacamp that offer courses in the same field is expected. With this, the question arises of which is the best online education platform. We have given a summary of courses with the features that Brilliant competitors provide. It will help you understand which can cater to your budget and needs effectively.

Brilliant courses are available for learners of all age groups despite having different skill levels. Both Khan Academy and Brilliant contribute to skill building in students, professionals, and anyone who wants to develop themselves by learning new skills and gaining knowledge. provides professionally curated and designed online classes for anyone who wants them. Its courses start from introductory levels and go on to advanced ones when you are ready to go deep into advanced topics. When it comes to achieving higher levels of mastery in any of the specific topics offered by the Brilliant website, Brilliant is the best. Khan Academy is also popular among users for providing free educational resources to students, parents, and teachers.  

Brilliant and Skillshare are the two major online education platforms that have gotten massive attention from people. The two seem to be contesting for the top spot in course platform space. Skillshare courses offer almost more than 28, 000 courses on a variety of topics. But, differs from Skillshare in many ways. The online education platform offers high-quality courses and handles them differently. Its courses are focused on science,maths, and technology. The quizzes in between the classes make sure that you understand the things taught in your course in a better way. Also, it adds tests to the courses to ensure its users’ progress. If you want to outshine in computer science, mathematics, and science with your improved problem-solving skills, then nothing can serve the way Brilliant org does.

Datacamp was established in 2013 and has specialization in offering data science courses for novices to experienced people.  Anyone who wishes to make his career in the field can go for its courses. When talking about, it focuses on providing courses to improve your problem-solving skills and build concepts in science, mathematics, and engineering. Moreover, anyone from age 10 onwards can use its free and paid subscription plans. When you work on your problem-solving skills in STEM, it definitely hones your many other skills and you get the best opportunities to grab good jobs.

“Brilliant” and “Coursera” are two popular online learning platforms that offer a range of courses in various fields.

Brilliant is known for its interactive and engaging courses in math, science, computer science, and engineering. Their courses are designed to help learners develop problem-solving skills and think critically. Brilliant offers a variety of courses ranging from basic math to advanced coding, and their courses include quizzes, puzzles, and interactive visualizations that help learners understand the concepts better.

On the other hand, Coursera courses offers a wide range of courses in various fields, including business, computer science, social sciences, arts, and humanities. Coursera partners with top universities and organizations to offer courses that are taught by experts in the field. Coursera courses are typically structured as a series of video lectures, quizzes, and assignments, and learners can earn certificates upon completion of the course.

Top Tips to find the perfect Brilliant Course for Yourself

If you are new to the Brilliant website and don’t know how to find a suitable course for yourself, then we have given you some useful tips. The below-mentioned tips will help you navigate the Brilliant paid subscription and buy the best one

1.Brilliant Trial Period

Brilliant online learning offers a 7-day free trial that gives learners the opportunity to try out the Brilliant courses before purchasing them. It can help you find the best course on the platform.

2.Today Tab

Through the Today tab, you can try out a free preview of each Brilliant course. Also, you will get a new challenge to try out with it. To access the tab and the daily challenges, you need to have your account on the Brilliant website.

3.Simple Filter

Brilliant learning offers a simple filter that helps users to search for more than 60 courses and topics. Also, it gives the option to JUMP TO Math, Science, and Computer Science which takes you directly to your chosen topics.

4.Popular Brilliant Courses

Checking out the popular courses on Brilliant learning can be the best way to get started with it if you don’t have an idea about where to get started. The section highlights the most popular courses in the last months.

5.Reading Brilliant Course Description

Each Brilliant course has a course description that highlights the topics, concepts, interactive quizzes, and exercises that the course will cover. Also, it will highlight the required prerequisites you may need. Learners can read it before starting and get a correct idea about every course.


The users can find testimonials from great teachers, parents, life-long learners, students, and professionals in the footer of the Brilliant website. It will give them a good idea of the brilliant subscription India and courses.

7.Brilliant Course Creators

Users can read the bios of the course creators associated with Brilliant learning and get an idea about whatever is going on behind the scenes. Some of the courses are created by a team rather than a single instructor.

Our Final Verdict: Is Worth It?

Yes, the online learning platform is worth investing in as it offers carefully curated, sharp, and short interactive lessons. These lessons help to build skills in learners in a variety of real-world projects and contexts. The teaching methodology is interactive, fun, and incrementally challenging and the range of topics covered is broad. 

The user experience and the gamification of difficult-to-learn skills along with its interactivity impress a larger number of users. The online learning platform offers beautiful and high-quality visuals that are well-suited to cater to the needs of highly visual learners and help them acquire new skills. 

Its courses are well-built, very entertaining, and informative. Some of its subjects taught are nearly invaluable in the digital work market. The great thing is that learners can learn at their pace ensuring that you master the necessary skills to move further in your career goals and education.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Brilliant App download safe?

If you are looking for a trustworthy virtual learning platform that can help you strengthen your skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, downloading the Brilliant app can serve you far better than what you expect from it. Downloading the Brilliant app is completely safe, and it will give you access to a wide range of Brilliant courses conveniently.

How can I get a brilliant paid subscription? offers its courses on a paid subscription. Users can purchase its courses on a monthly and yearly basis. Also, they can purchase a gift plan that allows them to buy it for other people. Brilliant allows its users to pay through various payment methods so they can use subscription plans easily.

Is free? is a free app for professionals, students, and lifelong learners of any age. Downloading the app and fetching the basic courses in math and science is completely free. To avail of the more benefits, users  have to choose paid subscription plans.The app provides hands-on lessons and quizzes.

How to get a brilliant premium for free?

Brilliant offers free access to all those Brilliant for Educators. If you are a professor, teacher, or instructor at a K-12 school, college, or university, then you and your students can access brilliant classes for free. The only thing you need to do is to download the brilliant app and go through the steps to open an account.

Does offer a good service?

Yes, the online learning platform was established in 2012 by Sue Khim. To date, it has 10 million users across the globe. Brilliant reviews can be seen on almost every trustworthy review website. It has a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot and more than 50,000 5 stars on Google Play and iOS App Store.

Is legit?

Yes, is a legit company. You can trust it and purchase your courses to improve your professional and personal life. It has had more than 50,000   5-star ratings on iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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