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A career oriented person is constantly looking to enrich his or her resume with the best possible training. If you are among those that want a rewarding education to strengthen their career, you must have given a thought to study abroad programs. Of course, while studying in our home country offers a level of comfort, there are several benefits and wide scope in overseas study programs.


Find programs around the world at just one click. Below listed are categories sorted according to fields of study. Select your choice of study and get elaborate details such as Eligibility Criteria, Syllabus, Top Universities, Best Countries and Career Prospects –

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Why Study Abroad?

Study abroad programs equip a student with an upper hand over several factors. Firstly, one’s world views, encompassed with first-hand experience of multiple cultures, broaden extensively. Study abroad programs for Indian students definitely enrich their life experiences and augment their personal connections. International students can choose from several options such as masters programs abroad, PhD programs abroad, graduate programs abroad, and more.

Choosing from Overseas Study Programs

You might be wondering, what are the best study programs for me? It is important to choose a course that is the perfect fit for you. As studying abroad is quite an investment in the initial stage, it is of paramount importance to consider all your interests and strengths while choosing form overseas study programs. While you might be tempted to choose a cheap study abroad program, we believe that it is critical to consider all the benefits and shortcomings of the university you are applying to, the course duration, placements, job opportunities, destination, and culture.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind while choosing from study abroad programs:

1. Play to your strengths and skills

Jot down your best skills, and align the same with your interests. This will help you zero in on a specific overseas study program instead of getting confused with too many options.

2. Research a lot

Explore through the best possible options, be it an undergraduate study abroad program, or a PhD program abroad. You can browse through the top international universities to narrow down your research.

3. Decide your mode of study

It is also important to consider the different modes of study, teaching methodologies, and benefits offered by different universities. Some schools offer remote study abroad, some offer blended study abroad programs. A number of universities provide the freedom to work while studying. These could be important parameters while choosing an overseas study program.

4. Affordability

Find out if your chosen study abroad program will burn a hole in your pocket. If you are eligible for scholarships, make sure you apply for the same. This can help you avail the best study abroad course prospects.

Study Abroad Programs | Course Prospects

study abroad programs

Each study abroad course offers unique prospects for a student. We have listed the most popular study abroad programs helping students to make an informed decision. Each page also lists the best universities to pursue these top study abroad programs and the best countries to pursue them along with providing students with career choices of that field. The levels and duration of various study abroad programs are mentioned. We have also provided brief information on how to enroll for these study abroad programs.




4 Years

Postgraduate Certificate

6 months

Master’s Degree

1-2 Years

Undergraduate Degree

3-4 Years

*Duration varies from University to University

This page includes:

  • Undergraduate study abroad programs
  • Postgraduate study abroad programs
  • Masters programs abroad
  • Graduate programs abroad
  • Certificate programs, courses / short term study abroad programs
  • Associate degree programs abroad

We hope you have found your desired program!

Invest in your bright future by applying for a degree overseas, it will give you a lifetime experience to rely on, for better opportunities. Also, for more information and tips on international education read our Articles. You can also find important details related to entrance and English Proficiency tests on our International Exams section.


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