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enterprise mobile applications
Enterprise applications are software/ applications created for big businesses and organizations to make everyday work simpler

India now has 22 crore smartphone users as of 2016, replacing the US to become the second-largest smartphone market in the word. If this number seems mind-boggling, how about the fact that by 2016, the total number of smartphone users across the world is expected to reach 208 crores?!

Running parallel to this trend is the increasing dependence on communication via mobile applications in businesses (enterprise.) More and more organizations are arming their employees with tablets and smartphones in an effort to step-up their productivity, and to ensure effective communication even if they’re on the go. Enter “enterprise applications.”

2016: the year of enterprise mobile apps

Enterprise applications are software/ applications created for big businesses and organizations to make everyday work simpler. Typical examples of enterprise apps include automated billing systems, content management systems (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM) etc.

The advent of smartphones and similar portable devices has taken enterprise applications to the next level and enterprise mobile apps have become a popular choice for many large companies. Large organizations are trying to transform themselves digitally and mobility in enterprise software seems to be the need of the hour.

Enterprise app developers in demand!

The popularity of enterprise apps among big organizations has led to an increased demand for Java Enterprise Developers who can create high-performing, scalable, enterprise-grade applications from scratch – right from envisioning the software’s lifecycle to designing and finally testing before its release.

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Java Enterprise Application Developers are in big demand!

Unfortunately there is a resource crunch in the wake of an increased demand for enterprise mobile apps! A 2014 survey conducted by IDC and app development platform vendor Appcelerator revealed that the biggest hurdle to releasing apps on time was the difficulty in finding skilled app developers especially those who have native development skills as well as relevant experience in Objective-C, Swift and Java coding.

Skills required

We therefore feel that this is the best time for developers to equip themselves with the right skill-set and learn Java (both Core and Advanced) in an effort to completely understand all the aspects of Java enterprise application development. According to, the median salary for a software engineer with Java Enterprise skills is around Rs.4.67 lakh.

You can improve your career prospects by arming yourself with sound knowledge in designing responsive Web/enterprise apps using HTML5, CSS3, and various JavaScript frameworks such as Bootstrap & AngularJS, learning how to work on Spring and Hibernate platforms and build enterprise apps on DevOps platform.

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Try to sign up for Java certification courses that will teach you these skills as well as provide project-based, hands-on learning. Futuristic courses that teach you the latest technologies are becoming more popular than the tradition B.Tech/ B.E programs. Make sure you don’t miss out!

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