Science Self Assessment Quiz

After completing class 10/ICSE/SSC, most students are confused about the next step – selecting from among Science, Commerce and Arts/Humanities as their course of study in higher classes. Keeping this in mind, our team of experts at the National Network of Education (NNE) has compiled a quiz for students who wish to know if they have an aptitude for science.

Self-assessment for a student or in an educational environment involves students making judgments about their own work. Self-assessment can be extremely valuable in helping people to critique their own work, and form judgments about its strengths and weaknesses. For obvious reasons, self-assessment is more usually used as part of a formative assessment process, rather than a summative one, where it requires certification by others.

Self-assessment is one of the best tools available to know one’s strengths and weaknesses and take the best decisions accordingly. The process of self-assessment often begins by asking questions such as: why; what; who and where, and then, sketching a step by step professional personality for yourself.

This inmost journey helps you in the process of self-evaluation; giving clarity to your thoughts and helping you define your interests, preferred skills, your preferred work values, your educational aspirations and even helps you to define your work personality. You have to consider various aspects and put together a summary profile of yourself so that you can take informed decisions. Remember, Self-assessment is a process that you should undertake periodically throughout your life.

Self Assessment Quiz For Science

If your answer is true- Give yourself 2 points.
If you are not sure- Give yourself 1 point.
If you think it is not true – Give yourself 0 points.

    • I would prefer to know the internal functioning of a gadget/machine over participating in extra curricular activities such as debates and dance competitions
    • I would prefer to know what goes inside a human/plant body than read economic theories
    • I love to solve puzzles
    • The idea of developing a computer game fascinates me, even though it involves writing more than 1,000 logical statements
    • I would like to know the outcome of mixing one compound with the other
    • I approach problems in a logical, and a step-by-step manner, rather than trying different permutations and combinations
    • Organic Chemistry is important
    • I can adapt well to changing technology
    • I like to solve mathematical problems
    • I like to know about the properties of different compounds such as polymers
    • I am not scared of dissection

Science Self Assessment Quiz Results

    • 17 Points and above– Congratulations! Science is the field for you. Start concentrating on the path you wish to tread.
    • 12-17 Points – Science, as a course of study is highly recommended to you.
    • Below 12 Points – You should explore your options and know your strengths. Knowing what to do is equally important as knowing what not to do.

Note: While this quiz will give you a better idea about your aptitude for the stream, please do no take it as the only parameter.

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