After witnessing the dedication of doctors during the Covid pandemic, NEET UG AIR 7 opted to pursue a career in medicine.

“When Shriniketh passed Class 9, it was during Covid-19 pandemic. Everybody spoke highly of the medical profession and he liked the subjects,” AIR 7’s father told The Indian Express. “Rephrase it”

NEET UG AIR 7 opted to pursue a career in medicine,

Shriniketh, a resident of Khar, expressed happiness and surprise at his NEET rank, stating that he had expected a good score. He prepared for two years, with one year being online. Shriniketh emphasized the importance of self-belief and individual study methods. He studied at the Mindsetters Coaching institute in Mumbai. Keyur Cholera, one of the institute’s directors, praised Shriniketh for his hard work and focus.

Despite both his parents being bankers, Shriniketh chose to pursue medicine due to his interest in biology and the inspiration he received from observing his father’s uncle, who is a doctor. He has not yet decided on a specialization and intends to focus on pursuing MBBS.

In an interesting twist, Shriniketh’s parents are both engineers turned bankers, and his mother is an alumnus of IIT Madras. When deciding on their career paths, Shriniketh and his sister were influenced by their parents’ example of following their inclinations rather than sticking to engineering. Shriniketh’s father mentioned that his son’s interest in medicine was sparked during the Covid-19 pandemic when there was widespread admiration for the medical profession.

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