RWTH University recognized as top university for Industrial Engineering

RWTH’s remarkable standing in the business world is exemplified by its position in the most recent University Rankings. The University has secured the top spot in industrial engineering for two consecutive years.

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In the survey conducted by consulting firm Universum, it was found that nearly one in three HR managers surveyed expressed a preference for RWTH graduates during the recruitment process. Similar to the previous year, computer science and natural sciences programs at the University maintained their second-place ranking, while electrical engineering and mechanical engineering programs also achieved high rankings, securing a place in the top 3. Additionally, the University is proud to be ranked within the top 10 for business administration.

The WirtschaftsWoche University Rankings serve as evidence of the outstanding reputation of RWTH graduates in the eyes of HR managers, indicating the University’s commitment to delivering high-quality education. To determine which university best equips its graduates to meet the needs of companies, Universum surveyed over 500 HR managers from various corporate backgrounds.

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