Books for GATE 2018

Books for GATE 2014 PreparationIf you are in the throes of GATE 2018 preparation, you will find the tips included here useful.

Tips on Choosing GATE 2018 Books

Apart from planning your preparation strategy, it is equally important that you choose the right kind of GATE study material. Some GATE books that can help you score well are:

GATE books for Computer Science Engineering & Information Technology

  • Data Structure & Algorithm in C - Mark Allen Weiss
  • Operating Systems - Galvin
  • Discrete Mathematical Structures with applications to Computer Science - Tremblay and Manohar
  • DBMS - Ramakrishnan and Gerke
  • Digital Electronics - Morris Mano
  • TOC - Ullman
  • A Practitioner's Approach - Roger Pressman

GATE books for Civil Engineering

  • Civil Engineering by B S Reddy,
  • CPWD Civil Engineering from GK Publications

GATE books for Electrical Engineering

  • Electrical Machinery by PS Bimbhra
  • Signal & System - Simon Hykin & Barry Van Veen
  • Network Analysis -Van Valkenburg
  • Electronic devices and circuit Millman & Halkias

GATE books for Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Electronic devices and circuits by Millman and Halkias,
  • Digital Electronics by Morris Mano,
  • Signal and Systems Simon Haykin,
  • Modern Control system by Ogata,
  • Communication System by Simon Haykin

GATE books for Mechanical Engineering

  • Engineering Mechanics Vol. I & Vol. II - Meriam & Kraige
  • Strength of Materials - Pytel & Singer
  • Engineering Thermodynamics - P K Nag
  • Fluid Mechanics - K Z Schaffe
  • Heat transfer - DS Kumar
  • Production Engineering - R K Jain

GATE books for Instrumentation Engineering

  • Signal & System - Simon Hykin & Barry Van Veen
  • Control System Engg - Nagrath & Gopal
  • Electronic Measurements & Instrumentation - AK Sawhney
  • Communication systems - Simon Hykin

According to Nitin Rakesh Prasad, the co-founder of the Gate Academy, a well-known coaching institute for GATE preparation, "This examination tests your basic knowledge in the field of engineering. This means that you should focus on ensuring that your basic concepts are crystal clear. Test yourself by using formulae to solve questions and to derive conclusions from basic formulae. This will give you a fighting chance to crack GATE."

General Tips for GATE 2018 Preparation

For a start, here are a few tips that are common for all the subjects and can work wonders, if applied with perseverance for the GATE 2018:

  • Solve question papers from the past GATE exams as well as mock question papers that are available on the Internet and otherwise.
  • Before you find out what you know, list the things that you need to know in the GATE syllabus.
  • Go through various kinds of study material and read as much as possible.
  • Always maintain your perseverance, bolstered by your interest in the subject.
  • Take help from friends or seniors who have already appeared for the GATE exams earlier.
  • GATE preparations require an hour of study everyday or at least 4-5 hours over the weekend, 3 to 6 months prior to the exam, depending upon what, when, where and how you can learn.
  • When you are left with a month before the exams, make sure that you take a week's complete rest. This is because in the last 3 weeks before the exam, you will have to work very hard, revising everything you've studied so far..
  • Clear you basic concepts first. Once you have done that, everything else will seem like a cake walk.
  • If necessary, get the right guidance and counselling for the GATE exams. While there are numerous coaching institutes in India, not all of them are as good at helping their students prepare, preferring to merely shove information down the student's throat.
  • Understand the concepts with respect to their applications in real life. If you are curious about a subject, make the best of it. Try solving the questions in your mind. This will help you remember things better.

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