Life in an IIT: An undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Technology degree at IIT-Delhi has shared that life in an IIT encompasses more than just academics

According to Shivansh Manoj, Student of IIT Delhi:  there are diverse opportunities available in the realm of Biotechnology, ranging from Bioinformatics to Agricultural Microbiology.

Life in an IIT
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Shivansh Manoj, a second-year Biotechnological Engineering student at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, shares his experience of life at IIT Delhi. Shivansh had a desire to study at an IIT since sixth grade, and after securing AIR 4,163 in JEE Advanced, he had to choose between Chemical Engineering at IIT Roorkee and Biotechnological Engineering at IIT Delhi. He chose Biotechnology because he was inclined towards Biology and the field offered numerous opportunities, including Bioinformatics, agricultural microbiology, and electro microbiology.

Shivansh’s typical day starts at 7 am, and breakfast is served between 7:30 am and 9:30 am. His classes usually begin at 8 am and continue till 12 pm or 1 pm, followed by a one-hour break for lunch. After the break, he attends tutorials or lab work, which usually ends by 3 pm or 5 pm. Shivansh’s degree requires him to take four humanities courses, and he has opted for Introduction to Language Science. The selection process for humanities courses is based on various factors, including CGPA, branch, and year of study.

Apart from academics, Shivansh is working on an agricultural microbiology project to make a plant microbiome drought-resistant. He spends 3-4 hours after classes on this project. Shivansh is also a representative for the literary club for his hostel, Udaigiri. IIT Delhi has 11 Board for Recreation and Cultural Activity (BRCA) clubs, and Shivansh recommends joining dramatics club as it helps develop social and public speaking skills.

IIT Delhi has 13 hostels, including two for girls and 11 for boys. There are no restrictions on in-time or out-time, and Shivansh has a double-sharing room. During his free time, Shivansh plays cards with friends, roams around the campus, and watches shows. Everyone is generally free at night, and they go out to the city for movies, bowling, or other activities.

In summary, life at IIT Delhi involves a rigorous academic curriculum, but there are ample opportunities to pursue extracurricular activities and projects. The hostels are comfortable, and there are no restrictions on movement, allowing students to explore the campus and the city.

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