Students opting to study in US can apply for visa a year in advance.

Students who are going to the United States to study can apply for a visa 1 year before but cannot enter in us more than 30 days before their program start date.

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A year before the start of their course, students who want to study in the US may now be able to apply for a visa. For Indian students, who have been waiting as long as 300 days at some centers, the announcement is a welcome relief.  This Monday, the US Bureau of Consular Affairs stated that student visas in the F and M categories can now be given up to 365 days before the start of the student’s academic term. According to a tweet from the agency, “F and M student visas can now be issued up to 365 days in advance of the I-20 program start date, enabling additional time for students to apply for a visa.”


US Taking Measures

  • 120 days in advance, students who have been accepted to a US university can schedule their visa interviews.                    
  • John Ballard, the consular chief at the US Consulate General in Mumbai, predicts that the US embassy and consulates will issue a record number of visas to Indian students this year.

  • The US is implementing several strategies to clear the backlog of visa appointments. The US said earlier this month that some Indian visa applications will now be able to request appointments abroad.
  • Also, the embassy intends to organize special interviews for first-time applicants and expand its consular staff.

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