Web development is the interest of 1/3 of students: Survey.

In a survey conducted by Internshala, it was seen more than 36% of tier-three cities’ students are interested in web development and python courses. Rs 50,000 was the highest monthly salary of candidates after completing these online courses.

Web development
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As the world is moving towards digitalization and innovation, AI is rising daily, and Employment opportunities in web development are getting a boom. Students are keen to learn web development and python, especially in tier two and three cities. A report by Internshala Trainings, the skilling engine of the career-tech platform Internshala, has shown that more than 36.12 percent of students wanted to opt for an online certification course like Web Development and Python as it may help them secure better job opportunities and internships. Also, 28.38 percent of students believed that the courses help them to enhance their skills

According to the survey around 10 percent of students are interested in web development courses for certificates and others are to complete their assignments and acquire the ability to build their industry-level real-world projects, fulfill the demand of their college authorities, and more.

Interestingly, tier three cities recorded the highest interest to opt for Web Development and Python courses, i.e. 34.66 percent, whereas, tier one and tier two cities recorded a figure of 30.14 percent and 18.54 percent, respectively.

According to the survey, Male candidates make up more than 58.64 percent of those choosing these courses, compared to female applicants (41.36 percent). The highest and average monthly stipends awarded to students who passed the Web Development and Python courses and then secured an internship, according to the survey, were Rs 50,000 and Rs 7,200, respectively. According to the research, 15% of students in the previous two years found employment after completing their coursework.

There are several kinds of jobs in web development like front-end developer, Full-stack engineer, Back-end developer, Software engineer, and Senior web developer.

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