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Looking to improve and develop your overall skills? Considering the idea of studying abroad could be one of the wisest decisions you make. Study abroad has countless prospects to grow and learn is a wonderful benefit of exploring new opportunities. The trend of studying abroad has undoubtedly made the world of education a better place. Each country around the world has a different approach and syllabi which makes study abroad a unique approach.

Along with the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany – Australia and Canada have been dominant and have always been among the most preferred destinations for education. The endless possibilities in Australia and Canada attract students around the world. International students in search of educational destinations that encompass career prospects, a wide range of educational courses and chances of immigration, must especially go and explore the bandwidth of Australia and Canada.

For better understanding, let us look into the benefits of pursuing higher education in Canada and Australia in independent points.


Below-mentioned are the top reasons why Indian students prefer Canada for higher education –

  • Wide range of courses
  • Top universities
  • Career Opportunities
  • Lower cost of study than the US and UK
  • Permanent Residency

Capital City – Ottawa 

Currency – Canadian Dollar

Official Languages – English and French

The number of Indian Students in Canada – 1 Lakh**

The country is filled with magnificent views which are spread across the regions of Canada. International students will unequivocally end up having an experience of their lifetime. Universities in Canada are committed to providing students with reliable and first-class pedagogy. Institutions, colleges, and universities conduct courses of almost every area of study. The curriculum followed in educational institutions is globally acknowledged therefore the possibilities of job or career opportunities are very likely.

As many Indians reside in and around Canada, Indian students experience a sense of familiarity -feeling of being home away from home. Food options are available abundantly, you can taste the delicacies of various cuisines by visiting restaurants in Canada.

Canada is also among the safest countries to study. Another reason that makes Canada a hot destination for education is the fact that universities in the regions of this country offer education are lower costs and also the cost of accommodation is also lesser than top education countries such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Moreover, if you are aiming or hoping to settle in a foreign country choosing Canada will be a perfect decision.

If Canada does not have all that it takes for you to apply in a university abroad, consider choosing Australia.

Here are the top reasons to pick Australia for your higher education –

  • Best Universities
  • Globally recognized universities
  • Technology
  • Career Opportunities
  • Diverse Education

Capital City – Canberra 

Currency – Australian Dollar

Official Languages – English

The number of Indian students in Australia – 60 Thousand**

Australia is one of the top tourist attractions in the world. There are so many things you can do and experience whilst living and exploring parts of Australia. Several international students especially belonging from the Asian continent visit top universities in Australia for pursuing their education. Many universities in this country are considered among the best universities in the world.

Cost of study and accommodation in Australia is also substantially lower than other countries known for education. The quality of education offered in this country is also appreciated on a global scale. You can experience the latest technology developments by choosing to study in Australia, it is a country that upgrades and provides the citizens with technological advancements. Many universities are well adapted and equipped with these technological progressions. You will also end up developing your skills as you will be guided by a globally recognized curriculum.

Many Indians reside in this ocean-view surrounded and nature aesthetic continent. Therefore, communication will not be a barrier. There are numerous career opportunities you can explore post your graduation. The diverse education system is definitely a plus point as it will lead you to better and brighter future.

The significance of education overseas is popularly growing. The rich experience of studying abroad is definitely something you must try. It is filled with adventures, opportunities, and lessons you might not experience without stepping out of your comfort zone. There are endless possibilities for this decision. Countries like Canada and Australia are growing popularly for numerous reasons, they are without a doubt best destinations for higher education.

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