Courses in Australia for International Students

International students in Australia comprise 36 percent of the higher education enrollment. For every three college/university students in Australia one of them is a foreigner.

Australia has always been popular with Indian students with at present 42, 000 Indian students enrolled in various courses.

Australia has come up in recent times to compete with the US and the UK in attracting foreign students. It not only provides world-class education but also offers lucrative career options to students who prove themselves.

It is important for the students aspiring to go overseas, particularly Australia should know about the range of courses and the future career prospects. The advantage they enjoy today is a wide variety of subjects to choose from depending on their areas of interest.

An Australian educational qualification conventionally leads to permanent residency and work visa. On completion of a course in Australia, International students who wish to stay will have to apply for a work visa and work in their relevant field of interest for at least one year to be eligible to apply for a permanent residency or visa.

Among the popular courses among Indian students, Australia offers considerable advantage for international and foreign students, as its universities are held in high repute internationally, and offers an enormous range of subjects in every discipline. 


The most popular and sought after courses among Indian students are that of business.

Business Management and Administration (MBA)

A number of Indian students travel to Australia for MBA. The MBA journey begins with proper planning – planning requires an understanding of all the important variables that can impact on the decision making process. There is another vitally important aspect why the location of MBA is important. A good MBA program is not simply about what you study, but also about who you met and network with for future benefit.

Almost all major universities in Australia offer MBA programs varying in length from 18 months to five years depending on whether students are full-time or part-time. MBA programs are made up of a mix of both full and part-time students, domestic and international.

Most students look for a major that will help them develop their managerial skills and focus. Few areas of major in business courses are:-

  • Banking and Finance
  • Management Information Systems
  • Accounting
  • International Business
  •  Human Resources
  •  Marketing

Information Technology (IT)

The most preferred courses among Indian youth today is Information Technology. IT courses in Australia is a mix of technical knowledge and theory added with practical experience. The practical nature these courses mean that it produces that kind of graduates the employers want. There would be long list of courses one can choose in IT depending on budget and time span.


The next major area of interest among Indian students is engineering. This field is popular among Indian students as the areas of specialization as well as job opportunities are too many.

  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering

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