TOEFL Requirements - Documents Required for TOEFL Exam Day


Once you have registered for the English language test, TOEFL and chosen your exam day, you must ensure that you carry the following IDs/ documents on the day of the TOEFL exam. If not, you may be denied entry for the test. Read on to know all about TOEFL requirements:

TOEFL requirements on test day.

This is a list of things to bring on TOEFL test day:

  • Valid ID: A valid ID must have your name, signature and photograph. The name must be the same as the one used during registration and the photo must be recent and clear. Bring the original ID, not its photocopy.

    Valid ID for testing in India includes only a valid passport with your name, photo and signature. IDs like driver license, credit card, birth certificate, employee ID are not acceptable.

    Expired documents cannot be accepted. It is advised that you bring at least 2 different, acceptable IDs just to be on the safer side.

  • Registration number: Once you register, you will get a registration number. Take a printout of the registration confirmation and carry it to the test center. It is important to check your profile again on the test day to see if any changes (for eg. in the timings) were made.

Things to remember of the day of TOEFL exam

Before the exam

  • Ensure that you reach your TOEFL test centre at least 30 mins before the exam time. If you’re late you may not be allowed to appear for the test and also lose the test fee you’d paid.
  • You will be subjected to electronic scanning (for security reasons), photographed, given a seat and sign a confidentiality agreement
  • You will be allowed to take only your ID documents into the testing hall. No phones/ watches/ electronic devices will be permitted

While writing the exam

  • For any assistance during the test, simply raise your hand.
  • Apart from a 10 minute break halfway through the exam, you won’t be permitted to leave the testing room. If you still have to take  break, you will need to sign out and sign in from the testing room and the test clock won’t be paused for this period.
  • You’ll get rough paper for the test which has to be returned afterward. Don’t tear out any part of this paper.

After the exam

  • TOEFL test scores will be available online for viewing around 10 days after your exam
  • PDF version of your test scores will be available for download 13 days after exam
  • Your TOEFL test scores will be mailed to the colleges you applied around 13 days after exam

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