MA in Strategic Marketing

MA in Strategic Marketing

The concept of marketing was introduced with the rising of manufacturing and selling of goods. In today’s times, there are various roles of marketing which focus on strategising and providing a successful marketing campaign resulting in profits for the organization and satisfying customers with the right product for use.


Strategic marketing is a concept that is used for conceptualizing marketing plans in order to implement techniques that help the organization satisfy their customers and reach the targeted goal. The skills to analyse and build a plan that eventually helps them reach their goals, the process of analyzing, conceptualizing, implementing and further evaluating is strategic marketing.


Various countries provide the masters in strategic marketing programs where the guidelines are primarily to prepare individuals for conceptualizing strategies that will help in selling and making the most out of yet to be introduced products. There have been many consequences where a product that majorly failed in the market was re-introduced with a new marketing strategy, later proved to be very successful in the market because of the techniques that were used for selling.


MA in strategic marketing is ONE-year degree and is offered in the universities of the USA, UK and Germany.

Countries to Pursue Masters in Strategic Marketing

United States of America

USA is known for its cultural diversity, environment, surrounding and has some top-ranked universities in its country. Students pursue higher education in the country for reasons like settlement and career opportunities. Masters degree in Strategic marketing in the USA will help individuals understand and work on their marketing strategies by interning or working part-time among many marketing established companies located in the country. One can attend MA strategic marketing communications course where the syllabus is focussed to train individuals for the field of marketing.

United Kingdom

Students pursuing to study in the United Kingdom can benefit in terms of atmosphere, personality enhancement and learning financial skills along with marketing. The country provides best masters degree in strategic marketing at universities that are highly reputed and known for marketing. MA strategic marketing communications, University of Greenwich offers this program with a similar outcome that provides information on the strategies used in marketing.


Germany is known for manufacturing automobiles and therefore many industries are located in this country resulting in more job opportunities in a field like marketing. Studying in Germany will benefits students with international culture, the opportunity to learn a new language and explore the European continent. Many universities in Germany provide Masters Courses without incurring the tuition fees; it is cheap and affordable with the opening to learn more. A strategic marketing program is available in this country, refer below for learning about the eligibility criteria.

Note: ATMA Score is valid for one year.      

Eligibility for MSc in Strategic Marketing

  • Bachelor’s degree with at least a 2.2 GPA or a marketing course.
  • IELTS with minimum 5.0 marks or GRE
  • CV or Resume

*Note the above mentioned are the basic requirements, for more information please contact the university.

Subjects covered in Strategic marketing Program

  • Marketing communication
  • Financial decisions
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Supply chain management
  • Retail management
  • Marketing management
  • International marketing
  • Branding
  • Strategic marketing programs can open up career opportunities like:
  • Marketing analyst
  • Marketing manager
  • Analyst
  • Branding
  • Entrepreneur

Masters in strategic marketing can prove beneficial for those looking to work and gain experience in the field of marketing.

Top Countries to study MA Strategic Marketing

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