14 Things Only Engineering Students in India would Understand

If cricket is the national obsession of India as far as sports is concerned, then ensuring that their child takes up engineering is definitely the obsession of every Indian parent. In a country that produces 15 lakh engineering graduates every year, here are 14 situations that will resonate with most of the engineering students and even graduates from the countless engineering colleges in India:

1. The endless lectures that seem to stretch on forever. These are supposed to arm you with engineering superpowers, but nothing much seems to seep into your brains.

2. The constant realization that engineering seems like a very different thing than you had imagined it to be. And the ensuing struggle to successfully achieve this degree.

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3. No matter how well you plan your semester to get a decent GPA score, you have to deal with many bouncers (surprise tests, endless assignments, group projects) which ultimately result in a not-so-impressive final GPA score.

4. No one has perfected the art of last-minute studying like the engineers have. In fact, they’re so confident of their capabilities that partying in the week before exams is the norm. But the night before the exam sees us finishing a 600 page book in 3 hours!

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5. We’re in a relationship with a strong beverage like coffee or tea. In fact, engineering students never have enough time for a full-fledged breakfast. Our meals are always on the go [refer image below ;)]

6. Trust no one! Especially that one friend who says he has not even touched his books the night before the exam, yet ends up asking for 2-3 extra answer sheets.

7. No one shares our sense of humour except fellow engineering students. In fact, we get a strange kick from cracking those nerdy jokes that no else but we understand.

8. There are two types of engineering students. Those who wake up at 4 in the morning and those who go to sleep at 4 in the morning. It is another matter, that the hours spent waking up are not always utilized for studying!

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9. In the middle of everyday drudgery that classes and lectures seem to be, there are always some brief moments of triumph when you happen to get your brain to function. You then spent a week celebrating those 5 minutes of genius!

10. When the day of viva dawns and everyone is equally clueless. The first one to come out after the viva Q&A session gets hounded by the rest and how!

11. Your senior (to be called “sir”) is always right and imparts you the real gyaan that you need to know. Every fresher at an engineering college knows that and respects their seniors accordingly. Things you learn from your seniors include the fact that just GPAs don’t matter – extra-curricular activities are equally important for landing a good job placement.

12. No matter how excruciatingly tough those 4 (or 5 or 6) years of engineering seem, truth is that you’ll miss this time for the rest of your life!

13. And at the end of it all, you’ll walk out of college having learnt a lot more than just engineering!

14. And you’ll also be armed with the confidence (sometimes misplaced) that you actually can do anything!

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But jokes apart, we are truly grateful to all the brilliant engineers whose intellect, dedication & curiosity has led to several path-breaking innovations across the world!

Happy Engineers’ Day!

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