Important German Terms in English

NNE has compiled a list of important of commonly used terms in German and their English meanings and translations. 


Guten Tag!Hello! – Hi!
Grüß Gott!Hello! (southern Germany & Austria)
Guten Morgen! – Morgen!Good morning! – Morning!
Guten Abend!Good evening!
Gute Nacht!Good night!
Wie geht es Ihnen?How are you?
Wie geht’s?How are you? (familiar, informal)
Danke, gut.Fine, thanks.
Sehr gutGreat.
Nicht so gut.Not so well.
Auf Wiedersehen.Good-bye.
Tschüs!Bye! See you later. (casual)

Können Sie mir helfen?Can you help me?
Danke schön!Thank you!
Bitte schön!You’re welcome! (in response to “Danke schön!”)

Restaurant Terms

  Deutsch English
 NichtraucherNon Smoking

Shopping Terms

Deutsch English
 Laden Store
 Geld Money
 Kleidung Clothes
 Verkauf Sale
 Kassierer Cashier
 Preisnachlass Discount
 Preis Price

Road Terms

  Deutsch English
 Stop Stop
 Vorfahrt Right of Way
 Ampel Traffic Light
 Schild Sign
 Passieren Pass
 Signalton Beep
 Kurve Turn

Education Terms

This is a globally recognised academic degree awarded for a programme that often builds on a previous Bachelor’s degree. Master’s programmes last between two and four semesters.

A “Praktikum” is an internship or work placement that aims to give students the opportunity to gain experience outside academics. Many programs have interships as compulsory part of the program.


The term “Prüfungsordnung” stands for the examination regulations that govern the procedure of all the examinations.

A “Referat” involves students giving a presentation on a subject that has previously been agreed with their lecturer or professor.

The “Staatsexeman” is a German degree awarded for studies leading to an academic qualification in state supervised professions such as law, medicine, teaching, pharmacy.

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