Accommodation in Germany

Modest life

Cost of living in Germany is high and to lead a moderate lifestyle in Germany you need at least700 euro per month. However, if you are living in new Federal States i.e. former East Germany, you can sustain on 600 Euro per month.

What you should keep in mind while staying and studying in Germany is that you should learn to maintain fixed costs, e.g. rent, as low as possible. You can look for student dormitory, shared room or economically priced-room.

Searching for Accommodation

  • Newspapers and Notice-boards
    You can get information on accommodation in local newspapers, usually in the Wednesday and weekend editions. The “notice-boards” of your university are usually filled with offers of accommodation scrawled on bits of paper. For those who arrive in Germany alone, flat sharing in so-called “WGs” (Wohngemeinschaften) is a good way to meet people.
  • Shared-living Centers, University residences, Estate agents
    Many university cities have shared-living centers (Mitwohnzentrale). These help you look for accommodation for limited periods on a commission basis. University residences also provide accommodation. Also Read : Cost of Study in Germany
  • Student Dormitories
    Though the rooms here are very small, yet they are the cheapest. Many dormitories now have bigger rooms and even offers for couples.

Approximate Cost of Living in Germany as a Student:

650 euros i.e. approximately INR 35,000 – 40,000 per month (rent, bills, food, transport, leisure activities, clothing, study material, health insurance)

The following table is a monthly cost chart where the minimum and maximum costs are given:

Housing costs (rent and other bills)199 – 336 € 199 – 336 €
Food130 – 151 € 130 – 151 €
(if only public mass transit and mainline)
35 € 35 €
Travel expenses (if only car)116 € 116 
Clothing50 – 58 € 50 – 58 €
Communications (telephone, internet, GEZ, Post)49 € 49 €
Learning tools30 – 77 € 30 – 77 €
Health insurance, medical costs and medication0 – 60 € 0 – 60 €
 Leisure, Culture and Sport62 € 62 €
Semester way costs occurring
(passed on month)
8 – 100 € 8 – 100 €
Minimum total cost563 – 1044 € 563 – 1044 €

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