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India, being an agrarian society, has always regarded agriculture as the back-bone of her economy. Time and again, the agriculture sector has highlighted its importance by contributing towards the overall growth of the whole nation. About 65 per cent of our population still relies on agriculture for employment and livelihood. Agriculture also accounts for 8.56 % of India’s exports. Presently, about 43 % of India’s total geographical area is used for agricultural activity.

Undoubtedly, today it can be said that History of agriculture is in fact the history of humanity itself. With changing times, the agricultural scenario in India has also undergone drastic changes. Gone are the days when agriculture was practiced by rule of thumb only, today it has become extremely scientific, sophisticated and mechanized and consequently a very lucrative profession. Today, more emphasis is being given on the progress of agricultural education and research in the country. Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), the national apex body is undertaking various schemes for the students and researches to make the field of study interesting.

The Government of India (GOI) has also taken special attention to generate awareness among the rural community with regards to latest technological know-how and skill-up gradation.

Agricultural Courses in India

You can pursue bachelor’s and master’s course in agriculture and its allied subjects. If you are keen on research, you can also apply for various research programs in agricultural institutes and universities.


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Entrance Exams for Agricultural Courses

Admission to various Agricultural Universities in India is based on All India Entrance Exams conducted by ICAR . You can also seek admission in JNTU, through EAMCET. Other state-level agricultural universities, conduct their own entrance exams for admission to various courses.

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Careers in Agricultural Science & Technology

Course in Agriculture Science and Technology opens a plethora of career opportunities for the young one. One can pursue a career in agricultural engineering, food processing, horticulture and dairy farming. Remuneration is also attractive.

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Agricultural Universities in India

There are over 40 university-level institutions and about 200 colleges offering various courses in Agriculture. These intuitions are quite active in grooming professionals in the field of agricultural sciences and technology. They offer undergraduate programmes in more than a dozen major disciplines of agriculture and postgraduate programmes in more than 70 related disciplines along with research facilities. ICAR is constantly coordinating with all these agricultural universities for overall progress in education as well as research.

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Agricultural Research Institutes in India

Agriculture has always been a sought after career among students. Many of them also continue with the research work in agriculture. Agricultural Research Institutes have always played a significant role in developing path-breaking theories.

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Apex Bodies of Agriculture Science & Technology

Agriculture is an important part of the Indian economy. As a result, a lot of importance is given to agricultural education. Apex Bodies have major role to play in the various functions in agriculture.

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