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This page gives you AIEEE Preparation Tips and steps for preparing for AIEEE 2012. The competition level for AIEEE 2012 is tough even though the syllabus is almost the same as CBSE Class 11 and Class 12. Moreover, a huge number of students compete for only a few thousand seats, thereby making the examination tougher.

For the benefit of prospective candidates we are providing  important AIEEE Preparation Tips For AIEEE 2012.

Salient Features Of AIEEE 2012

Salient Features of All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE)

  • The AIEEE 2012 is objective type examination.
  • The AIEEE 2012 follows pattern to test the students’ skills in the areas they are interested studying at degree level. For detailed pattern, click here.
  • The AIEEE 2012 question booklet is available in both English and Hindi language. However, you have to make your choice  while filling the application form.
  • There is negative marking for wrong answers. Negative one-third marks is accounted for each wrong answer.
  • Use of Calculators and log tables is not allowed in the AIEEE 2012 test.

How to Prepare For AIEEE 2012


  • You must have a thorough knowledge of the syllabus. This will save you from going overboard on a particular topic because you are aware of how much time you can devote to a particular topic. It also helps you in avoiding attention to unnecessary topics.
  • Thorough review of the question papers.
  • A good support (teacher/coaching institute) – if required.
  • Once you are through with the above then comes the most important part. A sound strategy and planning whereby you are able to calculate the time to be devoted to each topic based on your ability.
  • Last but not the least is your will power to stick to the strategy as religiously as possible.

Thorough review of the previous year’s question papers

  • This helps you to asses the level and type of questions being asked. Thus while going through the practice sessions you are aware of the standard of your preparation and the standard of the study material and other resource you are relying upon.
  • Solving model papers and previous year question paper enhances in all possible ways your ability to judge the problem and working over it.
  • A good support (teacher /coaching institute/study material)
  • A self made man earns more pride, praise and performance.
  • If you have started well in advance for the preparation and have got your teachers at the school to render the needed help then probably you can avoid the burden of the coaching institute.

Following appropriate study material is also very important. Your study material (text books and the exercise books) should fulfill two parameters definitely

  • They should cover the syllabus
  • The content should match the standard of examination. For this you can take help of the successful candidates or your teacher.


AIEEE 2012 Preparation Process

Revision is the panacea of all evils on your way to success. Revision should be conducted on daily basis in a way so that you don’t miss out at the things you have already covered. You may come across such situation at the initial levels but regular revision will take care of the problem.

The best way to keep track of the formulae is by practicing numericals based on them.

Mock Test is all about solving a previous year/model paper in exam condition. It helps in many ways. Besides keeping you abreast of your formulas and theoretical aspects applied in solving the problem it –

  • Helps immensely in maintaining ones calm and composure during the exam
  • Inculcates the art of time management.
  • Sets your pace for writing the answers and sparing time for a particular question.

Practicals for physics and chemistry conducted in the class should be taken very seriously besides the classes for the Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Many of the successful candidates are of the opinion that at times it’s easier to recall the lectures of the class (if taken attentively) than what you have done yourself.

Practicals for physics and chemistry help you in understanding the formulas in a better way and thus solving the numericals based on them becomes easier.

Things To Remember During AIEEE Exam

  • Follow the instructions given on question booklet, strictly.
  • The AIEEE is designed so as you would be able to attempt all questions within the prescribed time limit.
  • Do not waste too much time on solving any single question, if you cannot answer a question, move on to the other  questions.
  • Do not make a guess. Its better not to score than scoring negatively.
  • Don’t get worked up by being unable to attempt two or three questions. The toppers of the exams are also not able to answer more than 50%.


Avoiding Errors During AIEEE


  • Avoiding human errors in exam is akin to scoring marks in exams. One is prone to commit silly mistakes and human error if one is over confident or at questions where one finds it too easy and simple. Chances of errors and mistakes are high if you are not calm and composed in the examination hall. Here are few tips to avoid such things.
  • First and foremost read questions very carefully.
  • If you have time, revise your answers than watching others attempting their questions.
  • Values of constants are generally mentioned in the question booklet and or / in the start of a question, use only these values for solving problems.

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