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Online Education - Introduction

On-line education is a new generation tool. It is basically a computer based program. In this education the courses are delivered partly or completely via the Internet, an intranet or an extranet. Here content to concept every thing delivered through online. This education gives you enough time to set your own study time from any where. The ability to communicate and interact with students all over the country or even the world provides unique advantage to the student. Documents, transcripts, live discussions and training materials are all archived and recorded so that they can be retrieved via mail, e-mail or the school’s website for reading, downloading, and printing. Instructors are also available at convenient times and respond quickly through email. You can earn an online degree at various levels: associate degrees online, bachelor’s degrees online, master’s degrees online, even a PhD degree online.



In India online education is in its primitive stage. Though maximum educational institutes have adopted the process online admission and online result announcement, but the method of teaching on online is relatively slow in India. Even some institutes are also conducting their exams through online. Reputed national institutes like IIT Mumbai, IIM -Kozikode, IGNOU, Tamil file University and so many are providing some courses through online.


  • Internet- basically online
  • Intranet – computer presentation through internal connectivity within the institute or videoconferencing
  • Extranet- it is a private network outside the institute. It can be satellite or internet or video conferencing or digital television or mobile telephone.


  • Great transparency
    Great accessibility
  • Easy availability of documents, transcripts, live discussions and training materials
  • Less cost
  • Opportunities to develop technological competencies
  • Access global resource and library
  • Fix time according to your suitability

Suitable For

  • General students
  • High professionals
  • Urbanite

Courses Available

The “Online education” is synonymous to Classrooms without walls and remote teachers. In this mode of education, anytime students can get admission and exams are, factually paper-less.

There are several online courses offered by foreign universities as well as Indian Universities and institutes, directly to students in India. Any aspirant who has the access to a computer and internet facilities can these days look out for an online degree or diploma education.
Online education can open up the doors to as many people who care to gain access to it, at whatever moments in their lives. Keeping this in mind NNE has made an effort to compile the information of the Universities/Institutes that offer online programs from different parts of the world for the benefits of the student aspirants.
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