AMIE 2012

The Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers (AMIE) program/examination is conducted by Institution of Engineers India Limited (IEIL). The Qualification of Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers (AMIE) is equivalent to B.E. / B.Tech. degree in Engineering. Like any other Graduate/Engineering Graduate, an associate member candidate can write examinations like Civil ServicesIndian Engineering ServicesGATEGRE, etc. The candidates after earning a Certificate in AMIE can choose for higher studies leading to Master’s Degree in Engineering or any other qualification. Alternatively, these candidates can start working with government / private organizations in their respective field of specialization or become entrepreneur.

Note: Institution of Engineers India Limited (IEIL) offers AMIE Program in two sections Section A and Section B.

Section A is common for all candidates. Under section B, a member choose a particular discipline of Engineering Program.

AMIE 2012 Eligibility Criteria

AMIE Eligibility Criteria for Different Classes of Membership

AMIE For Technician MemberA Candidate can directly become Technician Member if he / she has a minimum qualification of a pass in the Standard XII Examination (45% minimum aggregate).

AMIE For Senior Technician Member: For selection as a Senior Technician Member or for transfer from being a Technician Member to a Senior Technician Member, candidates must satisfy the following conditions:

  • A minimum age of 17 years on the date of application for selection or transfer.
  • He / she should be an Engineer by profession working under a Corporate Member or a person qualified to be elected as a Corporate Member. The candidate should also be striving to acquire the qualifications for Corporate Membership (temporary unemployment is not an impediment to being elected).
  • The candidate should have passed a diploma examination in Engineering or Technology or its equivalent recognized by the Council, or an examination recognized by the Council as exempting from passing Section A of the Institution of Engineers examination in the non-diploma stream.

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