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How to get Admission in an Animation Institute?

Animation colleges in India offer a variety of courses at various levels – certificates, diplomas, bachelors and masters degrees. The admission process may vary for every animation institute but the basic procedure remains similar. If you are interested in studying animation or related courses, you must shortlist a college after careful consideration and comparisons of various options available.


Eligibility to study animation

Students need to have passed their class 12th in order to be eligible to pursue most of the animation courses. Apart from meeting this basic educational qualification, students with a creative bent of mind and possessing artistic & aesthetic skills may consider pursuing courses in this domain.

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  • Entrance tests

Some of the animation institutes may conduct entrance tests or aptitude tests as part of the admission process to gauge the suitability of the applicant for specific courses. For instance, DSK Supinfocom Animation conducts an entrance exam that tests the student’s knowledge in world geography, Indian history, world history, computer science, general science apart from areas like art analysis, narration (storyboard), drawing skills and creativity.

  • Creative portfolio

Many colleges that offer courses in animation and design recommend that students produce a “portfolio” as part of the application to the course. The portfolio is basically a collection of various samples of your art that can exhibit your talent. You may include drawings, sketches, photography, design or any other form of art work (hand drawn or digital) that can help the institute’s admission panel to judge your eligibility for the programme. You must ensure that your portfolio is organised well and presented as artistically as possible to improve your chances of getting selected for the course.



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