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Outside the Box - Life beyond classroom at AIMS


The novelist compares life at college to “this little world, a bubble of time separate from everything before and everything after.” At AIMS institutes, we make that time more colorful than usual. The education and leisure at our green campus is so intertwined that our students are always lit by a sense of excitement! Here are a few snapshots of life at AIMS that go beyond the usual routines of the curriculum:



AIMS organized a first-of-its-kind Italian Cuisine Expo in Bangalore where students and delegates got to learn exciting new Italian recipes from first hand interaction with chefs from Italy! This is only a sample of the range of buzz that fills our event calendars. Our students miss no opportunity in celebrating every cultural festival that comes along our way.  

Christmas, Onam, Diwali and every other coloured date on the calendar has been a day filled with great music, cultural sessions and guest talks on our campus. We’ve even extended these events to engage the literary community around the city in not merely entertainment, but also to debate critical cultural issues challenging us. Needless to say, students lead every facet of the event planning and execution – churning a great deal of insight and experience that goes deeper than what the pictures show.


AIMS school of business bangalore
Here are the reasons why we have a great campus:

•    The campus is the epitome of the old adage – home away from home. You’ll always find our students happily nestled in the warmth of green estate we’ve built for them.
•    It has a state of the art library with an electronic and digital access to leading journals and databases. The library has also tied up with the British Library and IIM-B Library for a wider reading opportunity.
•    The holistic idea of education is expressed through the beautiful Auditoriums, Gyms and Clinics that adorn AIMS campus.
•    More enticingly, is thecampus canteen that serves delicious meals and snacks from many exciting cuisines



AIMS has kept its eyes open to any possible collaboration that will make the lives of students more enriching! This has taken us to collaborate with great organizations such as  ISTR, CII, NHRD, AIU, BMA and AWAKE.

We’ve also been keenly involved in welcoming exchange students to our campus to keep our knowledge culturally wide and fresh. Students inevitably make warm and long-term connections with their colleagues from these networks, making it a journey beyond college.

The collaboration with Disney is perhaps the most electrifying collaboration so far, where students get the extremely rare chance to intern at the greatest entertainment theme park ever designed!


Motivation is a key emotion in the AIMS world. But, instead of being a monotonous exercise we encourage student goals by awarding their innovation and growth through a range of awards. Awards are given away through all the study cycles to keep the air charged with grit and competition.


AIMS school of business bangalore
Our campus is geared to the highest level of technological provision in the city. The classrooms are painstakingly digitalized to bring in the latest conferencing advancements to the teaching sessions. High speed internet connectivity is also deeply seeded into almost every building on the campus so the students can switch into their learning mode wherever they are.

Our digital infrastructure has been built in close interaction with Apple and most of our systems have been certified by them. This gives us the rare opportunity to provide students with beautiful iMAC equipped labs and other Apple driven educational tools such as iWork, iCal, etc. Our faculty too, has been trained to engage their sessions through iWork – thus delivering the highest quality of data presentation known in the world.


AIMS is very protective of its students, and has set up policies that ensure fair security from any mishaps. Our anti-ragging policy is a strong deterrent against the heinous acts of ragging and harassment and we’ve successfully kept the evil away from our happy lives at the campus!


AIMS school of business bangaloreCommunity Engagement:

Our students are driven to open the windows of experience to undertake activities addressing the needs of the community we are located in. This has seen us develop innovative programs around issues such as Child Labour and Literary Culture. Students have shown great enthusiasm in developing these events and making them successful. We’ve also been engaged in the grand task of imparting management training to women entrepreneurs that have been working in a variety of business areas.

Life at AIMS is a balanced package where the line between learning and leisure blur into making a colorful whole. It is hence, no surprise, that AIMS was awarded “GREAT PLACE TO STUDY” at the House of Commons and Madame Tussauds in London!

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