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AEET Journey to BARC


Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha asked for cooperation and help to begin nuclear research program in India from Sir Dorabji Tata trust. In 1945 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research – TIFR, Mumbai was born and thus started a road for nuclear energy development in India. A chronology of events in brief is given below

April 15, 1948
  Atomic Energy Act was passed

August 10, 1948  Atomic Energy Commission comes into being. The purpose of the commission was to strengthen and accelerate the study of fissile material mainly for power generation. 

August 18,1950 
 Indian Rare Earths Ltd was established for the recovery and chemical processing of rare earth compounds like Thorium & Uranium

August 1958  
Atomic Minerals Division began its survey on fissile material mainly Uranium, Thorium and others on
January 3,1954  Atomic Energy Commission started Atomic Energy Establishment Trombay (AEET).

January 20,1957 
 Atomic Energy Establishment, Trombay AEET was formally dedicated to the nation by the then Prime Minister of India – Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru.

January 12,1967 Prime Minister of India- Mrs. Indira Gandhi renamed AEET as Bhabha Atomic Research Center – BARC. Renaming of AEET as BARC was the tribute of the nation to the creator of AEET Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha who was died in an air crash on January 24 1966. Perhaps this was the most harmful air mishap in which the world had lost a man of deep insight and great vision. 

BARC has proved its worth as one of the unique nuclear research institute. A number of research related to nuclear sciences and technologies are carried out in BARC by the experts successfully. The purpose of these researches is to make India self reliant in the area of electric power generation and utilization. Today BARC carries out researches in a variety of technicalities along with nuclear power successfully. BARC professionals are proving their worth immensely and contributing hugely to put India in the same sphere as developed countries.

Atomic Power is referred as ANU SHAKTI in Sanskrit. To know about BARC ANUSHAKTI and more, Click Here.

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