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CIAE - Objectives


The objectives of CIAE Bhopal are listed below:

  1. Undertake basic, applied and adaptive research leading to a development, improvement of equipment, technology, process for crop production, irrigation and drainage, post-harvest technology and processing, and energy-use in agriculture and rural industries
  2. Develop hardware and technology in cooperation with other ICAR Institutes in the area of crops, horticulture, aquaculture and animal husbandry for production and processing
  3. Provide leadership and co-ordinate network of research withstate agricultural universities for generating location-specific technologies
  4. Provide input to ICAR on policy intervention with respect to agricultural mechanization, energy management in agriculture, irrigation and drainage and post harvest technology
  5. Provide consultancy and undertake sponsored research from industry and other organization
  6. Act as a repository of information on agricultural engineering
  7. Act as a Center for training in research methodologies and technology and conduct post graduate education programme leading to Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Agricultural Engineering
  8. Collaborate with relevant national and international agencies in achieving the above objectives.

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