Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL) - Introduction

The Central Institute of Indian Languages – CIIL was set up on the 17th July 1969.  The purpose behind establishment of this institution was to establish and synchronize the advancement in Indian Languages. The institute serves the purpose of maintaining the unity of Indian languages through scientific studies and thus contributes towards mutual enrichment of languages. Ultimately, the promotion of Interdisciplinary research in different languages unites the people of India.

The Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL)also runs seven Regional Centres in the different linguistic zones of the country. The regional centers of CIIL continuously strive to meet the demand for trained teachers, implement the three-language formula and thereby provides guarantee to linguistic minorities.

Aims and Objectives

The Central Institute of Indian Languages performs the following tasks for the promotion of various Indian languages-

  • Gives advices and assistants to the Central Government of India and different States’ Governments of India in the issues related to languages
  • Helps in content creation in different Indian languages
  • Protects and Documents Minor, Minority and Tribal languages
  • Teaches 15 Indian languages to non native learners

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