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Commission for Scientific & Technical Terminology (CSTT) - Achievements


The CSTT has traveled a long journey since its inception. The various achievements of CSTT are mentioned here.

Definitional Dictionaries

  • Commission for Scientific & Technical Terminology (CSTT) takes care for production of definitional dictionaries. CSTT has published 55 definitional dictionaries till date. These dictionaries covers subjects related to basic sciences, social sciences, humanities and many specialize subject like Fluid Mechanics, Surgery, Electronics, Cartography, Journalism, Palaeobotany, Petrology, Structural Geology, Cell Biology etc.


  • The Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology already has more than 6 lakh terms to its credit that are being used in major university disciplines – sciences, social sciences, humanities, engineering, medicine, agriculture, etc. The terms are available in the form of subject-wise as well as comprehensive glossaries and in English-Hindi and vice versa. The CSTT is engaged in evolving terminologies for the newly developed disciplines out of which terminologies for space science, computer science and steel and non-ferrous metallurgy, philosophy, mining engineering, printing technology have been published and work on information technology, natural disaster oceanography, glaciology, stock exchange, biotechnology, environmental engineering, literary criticism, film-television, esthatics, advertising, lather engineering, fisheries etc.

    Besides these, CSTT also develops terminology in the subjects like Education, Psychology, Architecture, History, Climatology, Mathematics etc. With a view to promoting the use of Hindi in official transactions, a consolidated glossary of ‘Administrative Terms’ comprising 12,000 entries belonging to general administration and designations has been brought out and is being distributed free among the ministries, departments and public sector undertaking of the Government of India.

Fundamental Glossaries

  • The Commission of Scientific & Technical Terminology (CSTT) has started publication of Fundamental Glossaries since 1994. These glossaries includes subjects like- Geology, Geography, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Physics etc. These glossaries are distributed free at the time of workshops or otherwise on requests.

Departmental Glossaries

  • In addition to technical terminology in Hindi of different subjects; the Commission also undertakes evolution of Hindi equivalents of the technical terms particularly to which the requests made by the Government departments. A number of such departmental glossaries have been published, which include Posts and Telegraph’s Glossary, Railway’s Glossary, Consolidated Defence Glossary, Revenue Glossary, Forestry Glossary, Glossary of Health Physics and Radiological Protection and Glossaries of Aeronautics, Meteorology etc.

Pan – India Terminology

  • Commission of Scientific & Technical Terminology (CSTT) is working on a project of identifying technical terms which are commonly used in all modern Indian languages. CSTT has identified 25,000 pan-Indian terms belonging to various discipline and published in the form of subject-wise glossaries for free distribution among scholars, writers, translators, journalists etc.

Production of University — Level Books

  • Under this programme, CSTT has published nearly 12,000 books in Hindi and other Indian languages. The major university production includes books in agriculture, medicine and engineering etc.

Readings, digests and Monographs

  • The Commission of Scientific & Technical Terminology (CSTT) has commenced the work of preparation and publication of monographs, digests and reading in different subjects of humanities and sciences in 1980 and since then it is contributing to the task.

Compilation of Common Medical terms and Phrases

  • The doctors and para-medic professionals normally face sever difficulty in making conversation with patients and clinical staff. To sort out this problem, the CSTT is bringing out a compilation of common medical expressions with their hindi equivalents as well as equivalents in all the four South Indian languages. Gujarati, Marathi, Orria, Bangla and Punjabi have also been included to this project.

Scholarly Journals – “Vigyan Garima Sindhi”

  • With a view to helping evolution of an appropriate style of scientific writing in Hindi and to provide latest information relating to various fields of knowledge, the CSTT has started publishing quarterly journal, “Vigyan Garima Sindhi”.

Computer-based national terminology Bank

  •  The Commission of Scientific & Technical Terminology is busy in developing a computer-based National Terminology Data Bank for storing, co-ordinating and analyzing the entire scientific and technical terminology available in Hindi and other Indian languages.

The CSTT has set up a computer-based National Terminology Data Bank to modernize and maximize the process of presentation and publication of its huge corpus of terminology. This will be useful in making the terminology readily available to users. This data-base of computerized terminology will enable the Commission to –

  1. Feed and process new word entries in alphabetical order quickly.
  2. Modify, alter, add to or take away the word-entries, if required.
  3. Retrieve the Hindi equivalents of terms whenever needed.
  4. Obtain laser prints for printing the glossary within short period.
  5. Classify or group the word entries subject-wise or subject-group wise.
  6. Obtain English-Hindi or Hindi-English or digital editions of the glossaries and
  7. Prepare the glossaries in the form of floppies / CDs which will also be made available for sale in near future.
  8.  Customized RDBMS for National Terminology Data Bank.

    The Commission plans to bring its National Terminology Bank to the INTERNET services as well.

Workshop on Technical Terminology

  • The technical terminology developed by the Commission is ultimately aimed for use in teaching at unversity level. One of the major schemes of the Commission is to ensure use of its terminology in all text-books and its adoption by translators, authors, students and teachers through workshops on technical terminologies.

Book Exhibitions and sale

  •  The CSTT commission arranges book exhibitions from time to time in which publication of the CSTT as well as those of the various Hindi Granth Academies are displayed.

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