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Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) - Maharashtra


The Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Bombay; was established in 1948 by the Government of Maharashtra for taking care of technical education of the state.The institute has given first hand liability of managing and directing technical institutes – engineering colleges, polytechnics, industrial training institutes, and technical high schools of the state. Before 1948, Director of Public Instructions Industries was responsible for managing technical institute and technical education of the state.In 1983, the government has made the separate directorate for Technical Education and Vocational Education.

Now, the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Mumbai; Maharashtra is responsible for standardization and regularization of technical education in the state.The Directorate conducts entrance examination for admission into different professional post graduate, under graduate and other courses offered in the technical/professional colleges/institutes/universities of the state.The directorate also takes care for interview, counseling, and other admission procedure etc for a particular course.Issuing admission notification for a program/course is one of the main task that directorate performs.

Besides all this the Directorate of Technical Education, Mumbai; Maharashtra also ensures the quality of training provided by a professional college/institute.The directorate has to ensure that a candidate will get the right sort of professional training in his/her chosen discipline (Engineering /Diploma /Pharmacy etc) which must meets to modern Industry demands.The regularization of fee structure and quota structure etc and approval to upcoming professional/technical colleges is another responsibility of the directorate.

The Director, Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Mumbai; Maharashtra is supreme authority of the Institution. The institution plays a significant role in producing a large pool of technical man power of the country from the state of Maharashtra.

The state of Maharashtra has begun its journey of technical education in the pre independence era. If you peep into the History of Technical Education of Maharashtra, you will find the following mentioned facts-

Before 1948
– Director of Public Instructions Industries was the authority for the management of Technical Education in the State

In 1948
– Directorate of Technical Education, Bombay was established for managing technical education i.e.Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics, Industrial Training Institutes, Technical High Schools etc.

– Formation of State of Maharashtra (Earlier Maharashtra & Gujarat were one single state)

1960-1978 – 16 Engineering Colleges 50 diploma level polytechnics established

– Govt.of Maharashtra granted permission to start Private Technical Institutions (Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics in Maharashtra)

2000 – In Maharashtra State there are 129 Engineering Colleges, 154 Polytechnics, 45 Pharmacy Colleges, 71 Pharmacy Diplomas and 157 Other Technical Institutes.

2005 – In Maharashtra State there are 154 Engineering Colleges( including 4autonomous), 158 Polytechnics, 81 Degree Pharmacy Colleges, 106 Pharmacy Diplomas, 34 Degree Architecture Colleges, 9 Degree HM&CT Colleges and 157 Other Technical Institutes.There are 103 MBA/MMS and 55 MCA institute offering Post Graduate Courses.

The Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) Maharashtra offers Post Graduate, Under Graduate and Diploma program in several disciplines; like, Engineering, Architecture, Pharmacy, and Management etc.The full details regarding a particular sort of course can be accessed from official website of Directorate of Technical Education Maharashtra.

The directorate issues notification for admission into different institutes of Maharashtra from time to time and publish the same on its website.News Dailies also carry out advertisement of DTE Maharashtra.You also can access the latest notification of DTE Maharashtra at our Notification Section.

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