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Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts


Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts (SRCPA), a cultural organization, was established by Mrs. Panna Bharat Ram in 1975 with the main purpose of nurturing and developing talent in performing arts. The centre focuses on all major aspects of theatre- development of scripts, nurturing of acting talent and creating an involvement with theatre among audiences.

The centre is housed at Indian National Theatre Trust premises near Mandi House, Delhi. It is carrying out its activities from the premises since 1976.

Some of the alumni of the centre have today successful actors in TV and film industry.


The SRCPA undertakes the following activities

    • Writers Workshop
    • Children’s theatre workshop:
    • Literary events
    • Puppet theatre


To churn out professional actors and actress for the Hindi theatre industry, the centre conducts a two- year part time acting course. The classes take place every evening except Sunday from 5 to 7.30 pm.

In the first year of the program, the course touches all aspects of theatre. However, in the second year, the students are taught basic theatre shells, which are integrated into production of Indian Classical, Experimental, Western, and Modern Indian Dramas. Eminent expert in all aspects of theatre are invited as Faculty members.

The faculty consists of eminent expert from all the aspects of theatre.

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