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The Butler Palace Lucknow is the academic center of ICPR. The center housed the most unique interdisciplinary and an up-to-date specialized library in philosophy, a guest house and a small office of the council. It also has a well-equipped seminar room and space for holding exhibitions. The total acquisition of books by the library at the Academic centre is over 19,089. The council subscribes to 105 philosophical journals and receives 15 journals on exchange basis.


The Fellowship Scheme of the Council awards different categories of Fellowships to assist the scholars to engage in research on full time basis on themes of contemporary relevance.

The Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR) offers the following mentioned fellowships-

  • Theories of Truth and Knowledge.
  • Basic Values Embodied in Indian Culture and their relevance to National Reconstruction.
  • Normative Inquiries (Ethics and Aesthetics).
  • Interdisciplinary Inquiries (Ethics and Aesthetics).
  • Philosophy, Science and Technology.
  • Philosophy of Man and the Environment.
  • Social and Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Law.
  • Comparative and Critical Study in the Philosophical Systems/Movements and Religion.’
  • Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics and Philosophy of Language.
  • Metaphysics.
  • Philosophy of Education.
  • Philosophy of Social Sciences.

The different types of fellowships offered by ICPR are:

  • National Fellowships
  • Senior Fellowships
  • General Fellowships
  • Junior Research Fellowships
  • Short Term Fellowships
  • Residential Fellowships
  • Fellowship for Preparing Learning Materials

For downloading ICPR fellowship info and application form, Click Here

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