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NCERT - Programs


The NCERT undertakes three main activities. These are as:

(I) Research

The National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) in association with other independent bodies conducts research in different aspects of school and teacher education.The other institutions also take its support and help in carrying out their research work.The international institutes, for their inter-country research and projects work also look forward to it.countries.

(II) Training

NCERT provides training supports to all those who either aspire to be a teacher or those who have already taken plunge in the teaching profession. The training for in service or regular teachers is provided at various levels- pre primary, secondary and higher secondary.

The pre service or aspiring teachers, on the other hand, are taught the features of integrating content and teaching techniques. They are also given training in the actual classroom setting by assigning them the position of trainee for a fairly long period of time.

Besides, it also trains key personnel of the states through its Regional Institute of Educations (RIEs).

(III) Developmental Activities

Development is another activity that NCERT undertakes.Here in it deals with the framing of course curriculum of various classes.Thus, the apex body mainly develops the curriculum (syllabus) and instruction material for the various courses and subjects.The course curriculum is not restricted to just students textbooks.It is also for the vocational course and for teachers training course.

It also updates the courses as and when required.


NCERT conducts various programmes. They are basically categorized into two parts:

  • Extension programmes
  • Exchange Programmes

(I) Extension Programmes

The extension programme of NCERT provides assistance to teachers, teacher educators, question paper setters, educational administrators and textbook writers. In this pursuit the apex body is assisted by various departments (NIE, RIEs, CIET and PSSCIVE) apart from the extension service departments.

Under its extension program, the apex educational body also organizes conferences, seminars, workshops and competitions regularly.

(II) Exchange Programmes

Under the exchange programme, NCERT collaborates with international agencies like UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, NFPA and World Bank and focuses on educational problems.It also takes part in the bilateral cultural exchange programme which the Government of India has forged with the other countries in the field of school and teacher education.

It also exchanges study material with other countries and send its faculty members to various conferences and seminars for taking part in them.

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