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National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) - Introduction

Food, clothing and shelter are the basics without which survival of a human being is questionable. Clothing for a segment of the society follows a style, a trend. This style and trend is also referred as fashion. The style of clothing has traversed a long path from Stone Age to the post industrial society. From leaves and barks to the designer clothes. The ever changing trend in fashion and the rising demand for the trendy clothes and accessories has given rise to the boom in apparel industry.

The apparel industry is run by the manpower trained to cope up with the frequently changing taste and demands of the potential customers.

Off late several institutes are involved in the task of grooming such specialized manpower thriving on imagination and creativity.

Post independence, the government of India identified the huge potential in fashion industry and promoted several industrial houses to participate in this sector. The Government of India acting as a catalyst to this effect established The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) under the aegis of Ministry of Textile in 1986. Today, the NIFT is acknowledged as the hallmark of Indian Fashion Industry across the country.

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