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Pharmacy Council of India - Overview

The Pharmacy council of India (PCI) is the statutory body of government of India. The council was established under the Pharmacy Act 1948 and works under the ministry of health & family welfare. The council has given the responsibility by the government for prescription, regulation and maintenance of minimum educational standards for the training of pharmacists uniformly in the country. The council prescribes the syllabus, norms etc. for the institutions and regulations for diploma courses in pharmacy and undertakes registration of pharmacists.

The Pharmacy education in India is still in its nascent stage despite the fact that India was a leader in health sciences in ancient days. However the pharmacy education did not excelled that much when compared to computers and IT boom and bust but the pharmacy industry of the sub continent is running steadily and smoothly. Definitely the motor factor behind the running of the pharmacy education and industry is Pharmacy Council of India (PCI).

The pharmacy council of India holds the gear of both the pharmacy industry and the pharmacy education. Generally, the Pharmacy education in the country is available at three distinct stage; a) diploma, b) graduate degree and c) post graduate degree. Besides some institutes also provides research and post doctoral research as well.

Any institute providing pharmacy education in the country requires registering with Pharmacy Council of India (PCI). The council keeps a close vigil on the infrastructure and teaching and training quality of such institution and do regular checks on such institution. The council also updates the government machinery about the status and courses of such institutes. Any candidate willing to pursue pharmacy education as a career requires to check, whether a diploma / degree etc, he / she is going to earn from a particular institute is recognized and registered with Pharmacy Council of India or not. The recognition of degree as well as institute is mandatory.

The pharmacy council of India is the apex body of the government for regularization of pharmacy education and industry in the country.

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